campfire recipes

Camping Ideas

50 Easy Summer Campfire Recipes

These will make everyone a happy—and full—camper.

camping games
15 Camping Games for the Whole Family

Time to embrace your competitive side!

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26 Foolproof Ways to Prevent Mosquito Bites
Here's how to make sure your body doesn't become an all-you-can-eat …
rei anniversary sale
Here's What to Buy From REI's Huge 10-Day Sale

It's only happening for a limited time, so go, go, go!

Get the best supplies, tips, and destination ideas for your next camping trip.

camping ideas backyard tent
25 Backyard Camping Ideas That'll Give You the Best Staycation Ever

Your kids will have so much fun, they'll forget they're at home.

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best audiobooks road trip
The 20 Best Audiobooks for Your Summer Road Trip

Make the drive feel a little shorter with our top picks.

best indoor mosquito traps 2019
These Are the Best Indoor Mosquito Traps to Keep Your Home Pest-Free All Summer

Because a summer without mosquitoes is the best kind of summer.

best bug zapper 2019
The 10 Best Bug Zappers That Really, Truly Work

Consider all the bugs in your backyard officially scared.

make ahead camping meals
15 Make-Ahead Camping Meals for Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Sadly, eating s'mores all weekend isn't really an option.

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best camping stoves 2019
The 20 Best Camping Stoves to Buy in 2019

Because camping food = the best food.

best camping chairs 2019 - best folding camping chairs
These Are the 20 Best Camping Chairs to Buy in 2019

The great outdoors just got so much more comfortable.

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camping quotes
30 Camping Quotes That'll Get You Pumped for Your Next Adventure

"Roses are red, mud is brown, the woods are better than any night on the town."