Cute Videos

These Horses Hate Being Out in the Snow

They couldn't get back to their stable fast enough! 😂

Watch Chickens Play the Xylophone

Now here's something to cluck about.

Watch: Dog Guards BFF Stuck On Train Tracks
The pup protected his injured buddy for two days before she was resc…
Check out our favorite insanely cute videos of kids and animals.
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Mom Captures Her Toddler's Hilarious Debate With Himself on the Toilet

Apparently, he was regretting his food choices that day.

Bet You've Never Seen a Goat Do Yoga Before

Maybe this could become a new trend called "Yogoat." 

Watch the Heartwarming Moment This Grandma Finally Meets Her Twin Grandbabies

They flew halfway around the world to surprise her with a visit!

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Watch This Determined French Bulldog Go for a Joy Ride After Stealing a Sled

This pooch never learned the importance of sharing apparently.

This Look-Alike Puppy and Piglet Duo Have the Cutest Friendship Ever

If you think this photo is cute, just wait until you see the video of them spooning.

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18 Adorable Animal Videos That Melted Our Hearts in 2015

Our New Year's resolution? Watch more cute animal videos.

Watch The Sweet Moment When This Mare Teaches Her Colt How To Jump

Because there's nothing stronger than the bond between a mother and her child.

Bulldog Puppy Becomes Adorably Confused After Seeing Raindrops for First Time

Trust us: Watching this video is the best way to turn a bad week around.

Watch This Corgi Puppy Go Head to Head With a Mini Pumpkin

Mini corgi vs. mini pumpkin. Who will win?

Watch What This Precious Bulldog Does When It Meets a Water Bottle

Spoiler alert: It's off-the-charts adorable.