It's Official: Stencils Are Making a Big Comeback

Customize everything you own with these easy DIY decorating ideas.

how to stencil - easy stencil tips
Brian Woodcock

Give the classic country technique a fresh update with block print-inspired botanical patterns in large and small leaf motifs. Here's how to get started.

Embellish a headboard.

how to stencil furniture - easy furniture stencil ideas and tips
Brian Woodcock

Draw an arched outline as shown and paint within the space with an oil-based paint. Add a thin border, then stencil “” in Medium and Large.

Lay out a fringed "rug."

how to stencil rugs and floors
Brian Woodcock

Using an oil-based paint, outline a rectangle in the desired rug size (say, 3' by 5' or 5' by 7'). Next, use “” border to on each short end of the rug. Evenly stencil the “” frames on the rug. Add the “” inside each frame, adding a quirky pop of color to the stem. Finally, use a “” stencil for the trompe l’oeil effect.

Skirt a table.

how to stencil fabric
Brian Woodcock

Using acrylic paint (treated with a ), stencil assorted motifs from the “” on to linen or cotton yardage. (This project required 4 yards.)

Add whimsy to walls.

how to stencil walls - wall stencil ideas
Brian Woodcock

Using , create a linear pattern using “” interspersed with the “” border. Paint the border a complementary .

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