20+ DIY Star Wars Costumes You Can Use the Force to Make

Plus, a few you can buy—without going to a galaxy far, far away.

diy star wars halloween costumes
Repeat Crafter Me

Fans of the George Lucas franchise, get ready to geek out over these creative Star Wars costume ideas you can make yourself (, a few you can buy). You don't need Yoda to become your own Jedi Master of DIY—just these easy tutorials. Use the force to turn your toddler into Chewbacca, or your tween into Luke Skywalker or Princess Leia for Halloween.

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DIY Luke Skywalker Halloween Costume

Kids of all ages will love wielding a lightsaber and paying homage to this hero from the franchise.

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lego star wars halloween costumes
Everyday Mom Ideas
LEGO Star Wars Halloween Costumes

If your kid loves LEGO and Star Wars, this creative costume crafted from foam wreaths, poster board, and boxes (for just $20!) is for you.

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Lando Calrissian Star Wars Costume Idea

In a sea of Han Solos, your son will stand out as this other good guy from 1980's The Empire Strikes Back.

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DIY Star Wars Hair and Makeup

Follow these steps to replicate both Rey's and Princess Leia's hair and makeup from the films.

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Bantha Dog Halloween Costume

Even four-legged friends can get in on the theme. This hilarious store-bought Star Wars costume transforms your canine into a creature of Tatooine.

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diy star wars princess leia costume
Carrie Elle
DIY Princess Leia Halloween Costume

Now this is our kind of princess costume!

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diy c-3po halloween costume
May the Fourth Be With You
DIY C-3PO Halloween Costume

Stay golden in this Star Wars robot costume for Halloween.

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bb-8 baby star wars costume
Jennifer Landa
BB-8 Star Wars Costume for Babies

BB-8? More like Baby-8.

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chewbacca wookie costume
Peekaboo Pages
DIY Chewbacca Wookie Costume

It's not wise to upset a wookie...or a toddler.

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diy star wars stormtrooper costume
Carrie Elle
Star Wars Stormtrooper Costume

Buy the mask for this Star Wars Halloween costume, DIY everything else.

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diy luke with tauntaun costume
May the Fourth Be With You
DIY Luke with Tauntaun Star Wars Costume

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, there lived a mom who totally won Halloween with this epic Luke Skywalker costume complete with a tauntaun.

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diy star wars costumes for the family
Say Yes
Star Wars Family Costumes

The whole family can use the force to make these cute costumes.

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diy yoda costume
The Nesting Spot​
DIY Yoda Costume

Craft this costume, you will.

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leia and ewok costume diy
Brit & Co.
Mommy and Me Leia and Ewok Costumes

A green poncho is the genius base of this mom’s Leia costume. Seriously, how snuggly is that baby Ewok in his brown sweatsuit?

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diy darth vader costume
The Nesting Spot
DIY Darth Vader Costume

He'll love proclaiming "Luke, I am your father," and waving around his lightsaber.

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princess leia hair tutorial
Sewing Rabbit
Princess Leia Hair Tutorial

So that’s how Carrie Fisher got her hair into those cute buns.

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princess leia yarn wig diy
Repeat Crafter Me
DIY Princess Leia Yarn Wig

Of course, if your little one’s hair isn’t quite long enough, you can always DIY a wig.

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diy rey costume
DIY with Love DaWanda
DIY Rey Costume

The secret to a really convincing Rey costume is those cool leather bracelets.

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bb-8 droid costume
All for the Boys
DIY BB-8 Droid Costume

How to become the coolest mom at trick-or-treating? Turn a white t-shirt and hat into a kid-approved Star Wars costume.

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kids diy bb-8 droid costume
Desert Chica
Kids BB-8 Costume

Or for a kid version, here’s this DIY involving a paper lantern.

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diy han solo costume
More Than Thursdays
DIY Han Solo Costume

Have your handsome little man channel Harrison Ford himself with this simple costume.

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