25 Superhero Costumes You Can DIY or Buy in a Flash for Halloween

No superhuman strength needed.

diy superhero halloween costumes
Lia Griffith/Life She Has/Sydne Style

Bam! Kapow! Smash! Not all heroes wear capes. Some are simply moms with glue guns. But since everyone can use a sidekick from time to time, we searched high and low for DIY superhero Halloween costumes—as well as last-minute store-bought options—that will save the day this October 31st. From Wonder Woman to Superman, kids and adults alike will ooh and aah over these male and female superhero costume ideas (and a few villains, for good measure).

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diy superhero halloween costume kid and dog
IndigoLTGetty Images
Easy Superhero Costume for Boy and Dog

All your little man really needs is an inexpensive mask from the party supplies store and a fabric cape to feel like a superhero. Maybe you can even coax the dog into wearing a matching costume, too—at least for one photo!

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Ms. Marvel Costume for Kids

The upcoming movie starring Brie Larson is bound to increase the popularity of this superhero costume.

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batman robin halloween costumes kids
Say Yes
Batman and Robin Halloween Costumes for Kids

What better Halloween costumes for siblings than Batman and his sidekick, Robin?

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Super Mom Costume

Because let's face it: Moms are the real superheroes.

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The Joker Dog Costume

Need a villain? Pets make not-so-scary adversaries. 

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Supergirl Halloween Costume

Depending on the price tag (and how much time you have), it might actually make more sense to just buy a costume. Here's a super cool, super affordable option for your little heroine on Amazon.

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hulk superhero halloween costume diy
I'm Feelin' Crafty
DIY Hulk Superhero Halloween Costume

You may not like him when he's angry, but even if your son's similarities to the Hulk end there, he can still summon the superhero with this incredible costume.

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Superman Baby Halloween Costume

Your tiny tot will look tough as can be with the Superman symbol on his belly, but he'll fall asleep fast thanks to its comfy design.

More Baby Costume Ideas

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power ranger superhero halloween costumes for kids
Housewife Eclectic
Power Ranger Superhero Halloween Costumes for Kids

Iron transfer sheets turn basic t-shirts, leggings, and gloves into cool Power Ranger outfits.

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batman robin best friend costumes
Melly Sews
Batman and Robin Halloween Costumes

When it comes to best friend costumes, no superheroes are superior to Gotham's finest.

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diy captain america costumes
In Honor of Design
DIY Captain America Costume

Plain old tape and foam transforms a t-shirt, shorts, and frisbee into Captain America's costume and shield. Talk about a "Marvel."

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diy teenage mutant ninja turtle costumes
A Night Owl Blog​
DIY Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Costume

That turtle is actually a disposable roasting pan. Cowabunga, dude!

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diy incredibles costume
Fresh Mommy Blog
DIY Incredibles Family Costumes

Because the family that fights bad guys together stays together.

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diy clark kent costume
Taking Care of Monkey Business
DIY Clark Kent Costume

Short on time? Superman's secret identity is one of the simplest superhero costumes to pull off. It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Clark Kent!

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diy superman costumes
Stitched by Crystal​
DIY Superman Costume

If your little man has his heart set on donning the tights and cape (and you're faster than a speeding bullet with a needle and thread), here's the DIY for you.

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diy batgirl costume
Pretty Plain Janes​
DIY Batgirl Costume

Whether your little one wants to be Batman or Batgirl this year, this costume is easily modifiable for boys and girls.

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diy catwoman costume
Sydne Style
DIY No-Sew Catwoman Costume

Play the villain to your son or husband's Batman.

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diy spiderman costumes
Life She Has
DIY Spiderman Costume

No need to get caught in a web of thread! This crafty costume requires absolutely no sewing.

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diy deadpool costume
Max California
DIY Deadpool Costume

Is your kid a class clown? Then he'll love dressing up as Deadpool, the superhero with a sense of humor.

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diy poison ivy costumes
Sydne Style
DIY Poison Ivy Costume

Another fun option for a mom, this look can be altered for the occasion, whether you're going trick-or-treating or for a date night on the town. Just be prepared for your kids or hubby to dodge your (poisonous) kisses!

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diy superhero costumes
Lia Griffith​
DIY Superhero Costumes

Why not let kids come up with their own unique superhero? The colors used in this no-sew costume idea can be easily switched up.

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diy the flash costume
I'm Feelin' Crafty
DIY The Flash Costume

We can't think of a more suitable costume for a super-speedy son who keeps you on your toes.

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diy thor costume
Oh, the Things We’ll Make
DIY Thor Costume

The god of thunder, lightning, and more gets to wield a hammer—only this one's made of floral foam, so your trick-or-treater won't get too tired.

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diy wonder woman costumes
Fancy Made
DIY Wonder Woman Costume

The new film brought everyone's favorite female superhero back to the forefront. We love this idea for moms, teens, and everyone in between.

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diy wonder woman toddler costume
Melly Sews​
DIY Wonder Woman Costume for Kids

Of course, little girls can swap the spandex shorts with a tutu for a fun, younger take.

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