14 Easy Cat Makeup Ideas for a Purr-fect Halloween

Turn trick-or-treating into trick-RAWR-treating with these cat Halloween makeup tutorials for kids and adults.

cat makeup ideas
Katie Kuhns

Cats are some of the easiest Halloween costumes to pull off last minute. All you need are ears, a tail, and a convincing cat face complete with cat eyes and whiskers (and a whole lot of cattitude). These cat Halloween makeup—or should we say meowkeup?—and face painting ideas are so simple, they're purr-fect for both kids and adults, whether you're dressing up as a house cat, a big cat, or a Cheshire cat.

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1 DIY Cat Makeup Tutorial

Channel a frisky feline with this fun and easy how-to featuring spotted details.

2 Black Cat Makeup

This simple tutorial takes you through the makeup for a classic black cat Halloween costume.

3 Easy Cat Makeup for Kids

For the traditional Halloween house cat, keep it simple (especially if you're working with little ones who won't sit still). Black eyeliner and black and white eye shadow is really all you need. Yes paw-lease!

4 Last-Minute Cat Makeup

Need a feline-inspired look, fast? This easy cat face makeup is purr-fect, whether you're attending a Halloween party or escort the kids from house to house.

5 Leopard or Cheetah Cat Makeup

When it comes to big cats like leopards or cheetahs, the basics are the same—cat eyes, black nose and lips, whiskers, etc.—but you'll also want to add some spots to denote the speedy species.

6 Big Cat Makeup

We love this fierce take on leopard makeup for Halloween.

7 Cheshire Cat Makeup

If your kid's cat costume inspiration comes from the pages of Alice in Wonderland, you'll still draw whiskers and cat eyes—but most importantly, that wide, slightly creepy smile.

8 Glam Cat Face Makeup

Sparkly eyes and lips set this glamorous look apart from the rest.

9 Lion Cat Face Paint

You can also create your cat face using paint, brushes, and sponges, as in this lion face tutorial. And don't worry if you're not quite so artful. Cats have nine lives, so you should get at least that many tries.

10 Lioness Makeup

Thanks to a simple cat eye and a coat of black lipstick, this lion makeup comes together in just 10 minutes.

11 Hello Kitty Makeup

Hello Kitty lovers can try this cute and easy cat face paint that looks like the real deal.

12 Easy Kitty Cat Makeup Tutorial

Throw on a black dress and swipe on some black eyeliner for a claw-some cat face this Halloween.

13 Glam Lion Halloween Makeup

Thanks to a glittery finish, you're sure to stun in this cat face makeup. Throw your hair into top knots for a clever cat ear alternative.

14 Rainbow Kitty Cat Makeup

Who says you have to be a black cat for Halloween? Kiddos will get a kick out of this colorful kitten face paint idea.

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