24 Funny Halloween Costumes You Can DIY or Buy

Swap screams of terror for screams of laughter with these funny costume ideas.

diy funny halloween costume ideas
Club Crafted

Put the "Ha!" in Halloween with these funny costume ideas you can make for the whole family. We found funny costumes for women, men, children, couples, and families, all of which you can buy or DIY for major LOLs. Whether you're dressing up as a character from a comedy or simply appreciate a clever pun, you'll be the life of the party thanks to these homemade Halloween costumes.

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old lady baby twin sister costumes
Brett Bara
DIY Granny Halloween Costume for Babies

There's nothing funnier (nor cuter!) than babies dressed as grannies.

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Tarantula Spider Dog & Cat Costume

First, you'll probably scare the pants off your neighbors with this creepy-crawly pet costume. But once they realize the eight-legged creature is actually an adorable dog, they're sure to crack a smile at the funny joke. 

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Funny Pun Costume Ideas

Not only are these punny costumes guaranteed to get a laugh, but they're also incredibly easy to make last minute.

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Beer Pong Cup Funny Costume for Men

Grown-up guests will get a kick out of this funny, party-ready costume idea. 

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blessings in disguise funny costume
Club Crafted
Blessings in Disguise Funny Costume

People always appreciate costumes that tackle a funny play on words—especially one this clever!

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Funny Whoopee Cushion Costume

So maybe it's not DIY, but no one can deny the humor of a whoopee cushion.

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golden girls best friends costumes
A Beautiful Mess​
Funny Golden Girls Costumes

Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia: Gang's all here—and as funny and fabulous as ever!

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Head in the Clouds Funny Costume

Buy this funny Halloween costume pre-made—or easily re-create on your own.

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jimmy fallon sara ew costumes for halloween
The House That Lars Built
Jimmy Fallon and will.i.am "Ew" Costumes

Couldn't stop cracking up during Jimmy Fallon and will.i.am's funny skit inspired by teenage girls? Here's a hilarious costume idea for you.

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Funny Box Wine Halloween Costume for Adults

Download the designs needed to become box wine in human form for Halloween. Cheers!

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pun costumes - french kiss costume
Courtesy of GoodHousekeeping.com
Punny French Kiss Halloween Costume

This punny Halloween costume combines berets and baguettes with makeup and rock and roll.

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Bubble Wrap Costume

You'll be the hit of the party, and no one will be able to keep their hands off you!

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diy raining men halloween costume
Studio DIY
DIY "It's Raining Men" Costume

The catchy tune by The Weather Girls comes to life in this funny Halloween costume featuring rain gear (which you probably already have in your closet) and cutouts of your favorite heartthrobs.

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diy funny ace ventura costume
Some Canterbury Tales
"Ace Ventura: Pet Detective" Costume

A mini pet detective à la that jokester Jim Carrey? All righty then!

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diy carpool karaoke halloween costume
Brit + Co
Adele and James Corden from Carpool Karaoke Costumes

This clever costume idea is easily modifiable with any of James Corden's featured celebrity passengers.

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diy bob ross costume funny
Creating Really Awesome Fun Things
Baby Bob Ross Costume

Dress your baby up as the painter known for his "happy trees." Plus, that wig is guaranteed to get some chuckles.

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when life gives you lemons costume
Club Crafted
When Life Gives You Lemons Halloween Costumes

When life gives you lemons, make this creative Halloween costume!

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diy funny halloween costumes
Taco Belle Costume

Avant-Geek's artistic take on this pun is pretty advanced, but you can using a store-bought Belle costume and assorted felt.

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tight pants on funny halloween costume
Say Yes
"I've Got My Tight Pants On" Costumes

The silly skit from is even funnier on babies.

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chip on shoulder funny halloween costume
Club Crafted
DIY Chip on Your Shoulder Halloween Costume

Put a punny spin on the idiom with this funny (and incredibly easy) Halloween costume.

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diy veep funny halloween costume
Say Yes
DIY "Veep" Halloween Costume

Take comedic cues from Julia Louis-Dreyfus's character in the satirical TV show, Veep.

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diy party animal halloween costumes
Lauren Conrad
Party Animals Funny Halloween Costume

You probably already have a party dress in your closet, so here's an excuse to wear it again. Throw on a pair of ears and sip on a glass of Champagne for a funny group costume idea.

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diy acrobats funny halloween costume
Say Yes
Acro-bats Halloween Costumes

Get it? Acro-bats? Strike a pose to get this punny costume across.

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diy cast away costume
The Odd Happenings of Mr and Mrs Bean
"Cast Away" Wilson Halloween Costume

Okay, so the movie Cast Away isn't a comedy, but re-creating Tom Hanks beloved volleyball companion in human form is pretty funny.

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