20 DIY Halloween Costumes Teens Will Love

These costumes are teen tested, mom approved.

diy teen halloween costumes
Kamri Noel via Cute Girl Hairstyles/Camille Styles

Finding Halloween costumes for teen girls and boys can be tough. They may be too old for kids costumes, but they're still too young for adult ones. Your teenage son is probably over his superhero stage, while your daughter likely wouldn't be caught dead in a princess dress. Thankfully, these cute teen Halloween costumes are easy to make and fun for high schoolers to wear.

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cotton candy halloween costume teen girl
Kamri Noel via Cute Girl Hairstyles
DIY Cotton Candy Costume for Teen Girls

Trick or treat indeed! This Halloween costume is sweet as can be.

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mr mrs potato head teen couple costume
Inspiration Made Simple
Potato Head Teen Couple Costume Idea

Here's a couple's costume that's totally appropriate (and creative!) for teens.

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Teen Banana Hoodie Halloween Costume

Depending on how much it costs (and how much time you have), it's sometimes worth it to splurge on a store-bought costume. This banana hoodie is low-effort and sure to get a good laugh.

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diy tinker bell costume
Color Me Courtney
Tinker Bell Costume for Teen Girls

Tinker Bell? More like Teen-ker Bell!

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Teen Inflatable T-Rex Jurassic World Costume

Teenagers will flip for this T-riffic costume idea.

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diy eleven stranger things teen costume
Do It Yourself Divas
Eleven from Stranger Things

Teens with blonde hair won't even need a wig to dress like the powerful leading lady in Netflix's original series—but they will need Eggo waffles.

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daria teen halloween costume
Deviant Art
Daria Teen Halloween Costume

Bring your favorite cartoon to life this October 31.

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diy rosie the riveter costume for teen
Francesca’s Collections
Rosie the Riveter Halloween Costume DIY

You can do it! There's nothing to this DIY poster-inspired Halloween costume.

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Danny from Grease Teen Boy Costume

He'll be as dreamy as Danny Zuko in a Rydell High letter sweater, which you can also make yourself out of a plain  and .

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diy pinata teen halloween costume
Camille Styles
Piñata Costume for Teen Girl

This cute Halloween costume for teenage girls gives you the perfect opportunity to crack a few mom jokes including "Didn't I do a bang up job?"

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diy teen group halloween costumes
Camille Styles
Beatlemania Group Costumes for Teens

Imagine how much fun you'll have when you assemble your squad for this genius group costume idea.

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Bamm-Bamm Teen Costume

Go classic with the boyish member of the modern Stone Age family. Make your own with  and a  cut into a vest and dotted with felt or marker.

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diy wonder woman costumes
Fancy Made
DIY Wonder Woman Costume for Teen Girls

The empowering superhero is fitting for your teenage girl's Halloween costume inspiration.

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diy starbucks teen halloween costume
A Little Craft in Your Day
DIY Frappuccino Halloween Costume for Teens

Starbucks' signature drink is even sweeter as a Halloween costume for your peppy teen.

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minnie mouse costume for teen girl
Now That’s Peachy
Minnie Mouse Costume for Teen Girl

Because you're never too old for Disney!

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gory brain diy costume for teenage boys
Gory Brain DIY Costume for Teen Boys

If your teenager's all about the gore, he'll appreciate this DIY brain idea.

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diy spider teen halloween costume
Delia Creates
Spiderweb Cape Costume for Teen Girl

A witch hat and cape cut from fleece creates a creepy, spider-like effect.

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morton salt girl halloween costume teenage girl
Baubles to Bubbles
Morton Salt Girl Halloween Costume

Rain or shine, teen or not, this cute Halloween costume is a winner.

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diy deer costume teenage girl
Now That’s Peachy
Deer Halloween Costume for Teen

Throw ears on a color-coordinated outfit to achieve an easy animal Halloween costume for teens (this one is Disney's Bambi). Feeling ambitious? You can also DIY the dress.

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diy rey costume
DIY with Love DaWanda
DIY Rey from “Star Wars” Costume for Teens

May the force be with your teenager this Halloween. Teen boys can take cues from our other Star Wars Halloween costumes.

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