16 'Beauty and the Beast' Costumes Every Disney Fan Will Love

Make it a group costume and include Mrs. Potts, Cogsworth, and LumiƩre, too.

beauty and the beast costumes
Mia Bella Vida/Merrick's Art

The tale as old as time has never looked more magical thanks to these DIY and buy Beauty and the Beast costumes. Whether you're going as a couple, hitting the party solo, or dressing up your child, these ensembles will have everyone looking like they're dressed for the ball.

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Girl's Belle Costume

A sparkly yellow dress will make every little girl will feel like the Belle of the ball.

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beauty and the beast costumes clock
Mia Bella Vida
DIY Cogsworth Costume for Kids

Your little one will be the cutest clock in this no-sew getup.

Get the tutorial at .

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Belle Dog Costume

Now everyone will know your pup truly is a princess!

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Toddler Beast Costume

A waistcoat and furry hood will turn your little man into a dashing beast.

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beauty and beast costumes diy belle easy
It's Always Autumn
DIY Belle Apron

The best part of this easy-to-make apron? It can be worn over any clothing.

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Beast Costume for Adults

This lifelike recreation is as close as you can get to the real thing! 

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beauty and beast costumes diy belle adult
Merrick's Art
DIY Provincial Belle Costume for Adults

You can steal Belle's French countryside style with clothing you likely already have on hand. And don't forget to grab a stack of books!

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Cogsworth Costume for Kids

Tick, tock—don't waste time ordering this clock!

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beauty and beast costumes diy gaston
See Anne Sew
DIY Gaston Costume

No, that isn't a super buff baby—this tutorial shows you how to make a muscle shirt for your mini Gaston!

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Mrs. Potts Costume

This playful Mrs. Potts look comes in all sizes, from toddlers to adults.

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beauty and beast costumes diy couple
Brit + Co.
DIY Couples' 'Beauty and the Beast' Costumes

Beauties, grab your Beasts and try out this coordinated couple's costume for the Halloween bash.

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Chip Potts Toddler Costume

This wearable Chip can fit over any outfit, so your kiddo can be trick-or-treat ready in no time flat.

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Gaston Costume for Adults

Impress the Belle of the (costume) ball in this cheeky ensemble.

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beauty and beast costumes diy belle kid
Fleece Fun
DIY Belle Costume

This DIY dress is a perfect fit for your princess. Bonus: It's a great project for beginner sewers, too.

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Lumiére Costume for Kids

Want to be everyone's favorite candle at the castle this year? Be our guest!

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beauty and beast costumes diy belle toddler
Homemade Toast
DIY Belle Princess Dress

You'll need lots of fabric to fashion this baby ballgown. But the adorable result is well worth it!

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