18 Electrifying Grease Costumes You Can DIY or Buy

From Sandy to Danny, these Grease outfits say "womp bop a looma, a womp bam boom!"

diy grease halloween costumes
Chasing Fireflies

They're systematic, hydromatic—why they're Grease Halloween costumes! Not only is Sandy from Grease one of the easiest last-minute Halloween costumes for women, but couples can dress up as Sandy and Danny using items already in their closets. Whether you get the whole gang together to go as the Pink Ladies and Thunderbirds, or go solo as Rizzo or Kenickie, these DIY Grease costumes for kids and adults are electrifying!

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‘50s Greaser Jacket for Boys

Though a bit pricy, boys will be happy to wear this cool jacket. Of course, you could always find a cheaper one sans the logo—everyone will still know who he is.

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Grease Costume for Toddlers

Same story here, with this Pink Ladies bomber jacket. 

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Grease T-Birds Mechanics Jumpsuit Costume

Here's a unisex Grease costume you don't see every Halloween.

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Affordable T-Birds Costume Idea

No need to splurge on an expensive jacket he'll only wear once. Iron the T-Birds design onto a black t-shirt, or buy this one pre-made.

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Good Sandy Costume

As Halloween approaches, determine whether or not it's worth it to make your own costume. "Good" Sandy Olsson could be easy to pull off with just a few key items. If not, there are affordable options online.

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Grease T-Birds Infant Costume

We can't help but laugh at this baby version of Danny from Grease.

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Grease Frenchy Adult Costume

Blondes may have more fun, but Frenchy (pink hair and all) is a refreshing change from the characters traditionally chosen for  Grease Halloween costumes.

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sandy and danny costumes couple
Brit & Co.
Sandy and Danny Costumes

This couple's costume idea from Grease goes together like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong.

Get the tutorial at .

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sandy halloween costume
The Sway
Sandy Halloween Costume for Girls

The cheerleader version of Sandy is the sweetest Grease costume for little girls.

Get the tutorial at .

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pink ladies grease costumes for friends
Camille Styles
Pink Ladies Group Grease Costume

Calling all bad girls! This is one of the easiest group costumes for best friends.

Get the tutorial at .

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danny grease costume
The Sway
Danny Grease Costume for Boys

Now just teach him to say "Greased Lightnin'!"

Get the tutorial at .

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Halloween Costumes
Family Grease Halloween Costumes

Grease is the word for these matching family Halloween costumes.

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sandy from grease costume
Twist Me Pretty
Sandy from Grease Costume

You probably already have everything needed for this good girl-gone-bad Sandy costume in your closet. "Tell me about it, stud!"

Get the tutorial at .

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Frenchie Grease Halloween Costume for Dogs
Rubie's amazon.com

A Frenchie dressed as Frenchy from Grease? It's too paw-fect for words!

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Personalized Pink ‘50s Girl
Personalize It chasing-fireflies.com
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grease pink lady costume for girls
Chasing Fireflies
Pink Lady Costume for Girls


, a , and a adorned with is really all you need for this '50s-inspired costume. Don't DIY? Splurge for the .

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rizzo grease outfit
Theme Me
Rizzo from Grease Outfit

You'll be peachy keen as the leader of the Pink Ladies.

Get the tutorial at .

What you'll need: black top (from $6, ); black pencil skirt (from $10, ); red flats (from $13, )

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beauty school dropout costume from grease
Megan's Creations
Beauty School Dropout Costume from Grease

No need to go back to high school to learn the secret to the hair-roller headdress. Simply spray-paint toilet paper rolls and attach to a silver cap!

Get the details at .

What you'll need: silver spray paint ($7, ); silver cap ($2, )

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