35+ Best Last-Minute Halloween Costumes to DIY or Buy Right Now

Don't be spooked about finding a costume—these ideas will save the day!

halloween witch costume
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There are two types of people in this world: Those who have their Halloween costume planned in June, and those who let October 31 creep up (pun intended) without any sort of official outfit on hand. If you fall into the latter category, not all hope is lost (and don’t even think about outfit repeating your look from last year). The spooky occasion may be just around the corner, but there's no need to be spooked about what you're wearing because we've come to the rescue. These easy last-minute Halloween costumes for kids and adults come together quickly while still looking creative and high quality. Read: you’ll have a well-dressed crew and plenty of time to spare before trick-or-treating. With a quick run to the store and few at-home clothes, you can whip up anything from a balloon-infused bubble bath costume, an Audrey Hepburn lookalike, or a punny chip-on-your-shoulder get-up. There’s a little bit of everything for the whole family, as well as fun coordinating costumes with minimal assembly (lobster-baby and chef-parent costume, anyone?). And if all else fails, take advantage of and , both offering two-day shipping if you’re really in a pinch. Happy Halloween, indeed. For more holiday inspiration, check out the best couples costumes and toddler Halloween costumes.

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last minute halloween costumes bubble bath
Giggles Galore
Bubble Bath Kids Costume

The most time-consuming part of assembling this DIY? Blowing up the balloons—take breathing breaks!

Get the tutorial at .

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last minute halloween costume frosé
Club Crafted
Frosé Pouch Costume

Frosé all day! Channel your favorite summer beverage with this easy drink pouch outfit, straw and all.

Get the tutorial at .

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Fox Costume Shirt for Halloween

Who needs a full-on costume when this snarky shirt gets the point across just as well? With two-day shipping, this could be yours just in time for Halloween.  

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last minute halloween costume crayon
The House That Lars Built
Crayon Kids Costume Idea

Inspired by children's novel The Day the Crayons Quit, this costume only requires a monochromatic pajama set and DIY hat.

Get the tutorial at .

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Astronaut Suit Halloween Costume
$34.23 (31% off)

If you're pressed for a last-minute costume, blast off with Amazon's astronaut costume and free two-day shipping. There's also pink and white versions to meet every kids's preferences. 

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last minute halloween costumes pasta
Studio DIY
Pasta Halloween Costumes

If you're pressed for time, it's not impastable to create a quick on-the-spot costume. This matching carb-y creation has both you and your little one covered before you head out trick-or-treating.

Get the tutorial at .

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last minute halloween costume candy dots
Cute Girls Hairstyles
Candy Dots Halloween Costume

She'll look sweeter than all the candy in her trick-or-treat bag with this easy DIY ensemble. You'll only need a quick run to the craft store for spray paint and styrofoam balls.

Get the tutorial at .

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Women's Mrs. Incredible Classic Adult Costume

This Elastigirl costume, which can arrive at your front door ASAP, is the real hero of Halloween.

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last minute halloween costume cool cucumber
Handmade Charlotte
Cool Cucumber Costume

Don't let the October 31 costume deadline get to your head—stay cool as a cucumber and recreate this in no time.

Get the tutorial at .

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party animals costume idea
Courtesy of LaurenConrad.com
Party Animals Group Costume Idea

Pair party attire with animal ears for an easy (and punny!) last-minute group costume idea.

Get the tutorial at .

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Last-Minute Butterfly Costume

These beautiful butterfly wings make a statement without breaking the bank. 

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Chip and Joanna Gaines Costume

These toddler besties are cute as can be as iconic couples. Our favorite has to be Chip and Joanna Gaines!

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diy plant costume box diy
A Beautiful Mess
DIY Houseplant Halloween Boxtume

This costume may look complicated, but it's actually made from a cardboard Amazon Prime box, a round laundry basket, and other crafting supplies you likely have lying around the house.

Get the tutorial at .

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Cowboy Cat Halloween Costumes
$13.99 (60% off)

So worth it—even if you can only get your cat to wear this for a few minutes.

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diy tinker bell costume
Color Me Courtney
Tinker Bell Costume for Women

Swing by the costume shop for a pair of wings, or order on Amazon—there's still time for two-day shipping!

Get the tutorial at .

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Peanut Butter & Jelly Couples Costume
$26.24 (25% off)

You and your hubby go together like PB&J. Why not use that as inspiration for your couple's costume?

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gumball machine costume for tweens
Kamri Noel via Cute Girls Hairstyle
Gumball Machine Halloween Costume

Anyone with a hot glue gun can cover a plain white t-shirt with pom-poms for a last-minute costume as sweet as bubblegum.

Get the tutorial at .

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Inflatable T-Rex Costume

are all the rage this year—and it's easy to make a big impact when you wear one.

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bb-8 droid costume
All for the Boys
Easy BB-8 Droid Costume

Use the force to turn a white t-shirt and white baseball cap into an easy Star Wars costume.

Get the tutorial at .

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Last-Minute Halloween Shirt

Smart alecks can get super literal with this shirt.

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grease halloween costumes for toddlers
The Sway
DIY Grease Costumes for Toddlers

We're (summer) lovin' these cute toddler costumes inspired by Grease. Since you're in a hurry, go ahead and skip the car.

Get the tutorial at .

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halloween face paint ideas - scarecrow makeup
Courtesy of Cosmopolitan
Scarecrow Costume

Grab your gardening hat and draw on some quick makeup. You'll be a not-so-scary scarecrow in seconds!

Get the tutorial at .

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Kids' Winking Tongue Emoji Costume

Sure, you could DIY this costume using craft foam or felt, but the materials would likely cost more than this store-bought version ($15, marked down from $25!).

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pun costumes - french kiss costume
Courtesy of GoodHousekeeping.com
French Kiss Costume

Anyone with a striped shirt and beret can easy achieve this punny costume idea.

Get the tutorial at .

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Moana Costume
$10.39 (39% off)

Sometimes it pays to procrastinate: This Moana costume is on sale for just $12! Or if you'd rather, you can try our tutorial for a handmade version.

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diy wizard of costume tin woman
Pattern Revolution
DIY Tin Man Costume

Though this blogger includes instructions for sewing a Wizard of Oz-inspired costume, you could also keep it simple with silver clothing and a matching party hat!

Get the tutorial at .

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Women's Unicorn PJs Costume
$14.69 (26% off)

A unicorn costume that also doubles as Halloween pajamas you can rock the rest of the year? Now that's magical.

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Last Minute Pet Halloween Costume Ideas

Even the cat can get in on the festivities. Steal these clever costume ideas for pets.

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Gekko from PJ Masks Costume

PJ Masks is a super popular costume for kids this year. This Gekko costume from Walmart ships in just two days.

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easy audrey hepburn halloween costume
The Joy of Fashion
Audrey Hepburn Costume

With a little black dress and a few accessories, you can re-create Audrey Hepburn's iconic look from Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Get the tutorial at .

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