14 Valentine's Day Games Both Kids and Adults Will Love to Play

These family-friendly activities are an absolute blast.

valentines day games
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Valentine's Day just got so much more fun thanks to these games and activities. Whether you're hosting a night of entertainment for family or planning your child's holiday party, these ideas will ensure everyone has a great time on February 14.

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valentines day games skee ball
Handmade Charlotte
DIY Skeeball

Once you create your favorite arcade game at home, you won't be able to stop playing—even after February 14!

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valentines day games bean bag
The Real Thing With the Coake Family
Bean Bag Toss

If the weather is nice enough, you could even play this bean bag toss outside.

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valentines day games tic tac toe
Passion for Savings

By using as markers, even adults will want to get in on the fun!

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valentines day games i spy
Live Laugh Rowe
I Spy Game

Keep kids of all ages entertained with this free I Spy printable.

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valentines day games heart arrow
Mine for the Making
Pin the Arrow on the Heart

Grab your blind folds and get ready to spin and win this festive version of pin the tail on the donkey.

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valentines day games erasers
Fun Learning for Kids
Race to Fill the Cup

Your kids will have a blast tapping into their competitive side with this counting game.

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valentines day games bingo
Playground Parkbench
Sweetheart Bingo

Family game night just got so much sweeter thanks to this version of bingo that uses conversation hearts.

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valentines day games bouncing hearts
Happiness is Homemade
Bouncing Hearts

Make this activity even more fun and festive by decorating your with hearts like this blogger.

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valentines day games scavenger hunt
Wildly Charmed
Scavenger Hunt

If you have things to get done on Valentine's Day—perhaps cooking a romantic dinner for two!—set up this scavenger hunt to keep your little ones occupied.

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valentines day games ring toss
Handmade Charlotte
Ring Toss

This classic carnival game doubles as a cute Valentine's Day craft.

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valentines day games pinata
The House That Lars Built
Love Bug Piñata

You'll have tons of fun with this one. First, DIY this pretty and pink piñata, fill it with tons of candy, and have everyone take turns trying to break it open!

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valentines day games word search
Kids Activities Blog
Word Search

Because kids and adults of all ages love a good word search.

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valentines day games dice
Somewhat Simple
Activity Cube

Although this dice is Valentine's Day themed—one of the sides directs you to make heart-shaped food—you could use the genius ideas for any day of the year.

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valentines day games minute win it
Stacy Julian
Minute to Win It

When it's quick game that features all types of sweets, you know everyone will want to play.

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