45 Insanely Easy Halloween Costumes for Women to DIY

Need a last-minute DIY idea? You've come to the right place.

easy diy halloween costumes for women
Merrick's Art/The House That Lars Built/The Joy of Fashion

Homemade Halloween costumes don't have to take a ton of time and effort. This year, wow everyone with a cute, creative, and most importantly, easy Halloween costume. We found the very best DIY Halloween costumes for women, from Audrey Hepburn to Rosie the Riveter to Disney characters. You can probably assemble most of the materials needed from your closet and a quick trip to the crafts store. Bonus: All of these simple costume ideas come together fast, making them perfect for last-minute Halloween parties.

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easy halloween costume hippie
Sunglass Spot
Hippie Halloween Costume for Women

You probably already have a few items that would work for this quick and easy '70s Halloween costume.

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black swan homemade halloween costume woman
Copyright Morten Falch SortlandGetty Images
Black Swan Halloween Costume Idea

This costume idea is instantly recognizable thanks to iconic (and easy!) eye makeup and feathery accents. Tip: Hot-glue a black feather boa along the neckline of an inexpensive black dress.

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galaxy easy halloween costume
Dream a Little Bigger
Galaxy DIY Halloween Costume

Shine this year for Halloween in a celestial skirt powered by battery-operated Christmas lights.

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easy pinup costume for women
The Freckled Fox
Easy Pinup Halloween Costume for Women

If you can master the updo, a pretty pinup makes a simple and sweet Halloween costume inspired by the '50s.

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diy halloween costume flamingo
Pretty Providence
DIY Halloween Costume Flamingo

Between zombie flamingos and Thanksgiving flamingos, the long-legged birds are very "in" this year. Fittingly, this fun, feathered costume idea is making the rounds.

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diy snow white halloween costume woman
JNemchinovaGetty Images
DIY Snow White Halloween Costume

Snow White is as simple as princess costumes get. Grab that LBD from your closet, throw a bow in your hair, and don't forget the apple!

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easy halloween costume
Color Me Courtney
Easy Tinker Bell Halloween Costume

A pretty dress and a pair of fairy wings are all you need to embody this Disney character.

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kate middleton easy halloween costume
Merrick's Art
Easy Kate Middleton Costume for Halloween

Go classy for Halloween in a blue frock and matching felt hat inspired by the real-life Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

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cruella de vil easy halloween costume
The Sorry Girls
Cruella de Vil Halloween Costume

The antagonist from 101 Dalmatians is surprisingly easy to pull off—especially if you already have a faux fur coat and a dog (real or toy).

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diy pineapple easy costume
Diary of a Debutante
DIY Pineapple Halloween Costume

Make a splash this year when you dress as the trendy, tropical fruit.

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easy halloween costume
Color Me Courtney
White Rabbit Costume from Alice in Wonderland

If you're running late for a very important date, and that date happens to be October 31st, this is an easy costume to whip up.

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easy greek goddess halloween costume
Wear the Canvas
Easy Greek Goddess Halloween Costume

Easily transform a simple bed sheet into an elegant gown fit for a Grecian goddess.

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chip on shoulder funny halloween costume
Club Crafted
"Chip on Your Shoulder" Easy Halloween Costume

It doesn't even matter what you wear: Just top your outfit with crinkled yellow construction paper, and you'll instantly get the easiest Halloween costume ever.

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easy audrey hepburn halloween costume
The Joy of Fashion
Easy Audrey Hepburn Costume for Halloween

Go as Holly Golightly, Audrey Hepburn's iconic role in Breakfast at Tiffany's, when you pair a classic black dress with pearls and shades.

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easy greenhouse halloween costume
The House That Lars Built
Easy Iron-On Greenhouse Costume

Got a green thumb? Show it in this quirky costume complete with iron-on designs.

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easy beehive halloween costume for women
The House That Lars Built
Easy Beehive Halloween Costume for Women

Here's a fun female costume idea that will be all the buzz at the Halloween party.

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easy party animal halloween costumes
Lauren Conrad
DIY Party Animals Halloween Costume for Women

Get the whole gang together for this easy group costume idea.

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corpse bride halloween costume women
Stars + Field​
Easy Corpse Bride Costume for Women

Re-wear your own wedding dress—or go get a cheap one from Goodwill. Add black ghostly makeup, faux flowers, and you’re done!

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What you'll need: black elbow-length gloves ($5, ); black lipstick ($6, )

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easy gumball machine halloween costume
The Joy of Fashion
DIY Gumball Machine Halloween Costume

Adhere a whole bunch of pom poms to the bodice of a red dress for this creative (and crazy-easy!) Halloween costume.

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easy frida kahlo costume
Stars + Field
Easy DIY Frida Kahlo Costume

Top off a flowing maxi dress from your closet with a floral crown to achieve this artistic Halloween costume, quick!

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diy catwoman costume
Sydne Style
Easy DIY Catwoman Costume

Since Catwoman is part hero and part villain, this comic-inspired Halloween costume is the best of both worlds.

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diy belle costume beauty and the beast
Merrick's Art
Belle Halloween Costume for Women

There may be more than this provincial life, but there isn't much more to this easy Disney-themed Halloween costume than what you see here.

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bb-8 droid costume
All for the Boys
DIY Easy BB-8 Droid Costume

Use the force to quickly turn a white t-shirt and hat into this easy Star Wars costume for women.

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dancing best friend emoji costumes
The DIY Playbook
Easy Emoji Costumes

You and your bestie can go as the dancing friends emoji in these simple matching costumes for Halloween.

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when life gives you lemons costume
Club Crafted
Easy "Life Gives You Lemons" Costume

Throw on a yellow dress and name tag and fill a basket with lemons to bring the proverbial phrase to life.

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A Kailo Chic Life
La Croix

Bring your favorite flavor of the classic drink to life.

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Creative Ramblings
Wonder Woman

This super-easy DIY costume will definitely save the day.

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The Joy of Fashion

There's nothing scary about this adorable costume.

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Shrimp Salad Circus
Easy Cactus Halloween Costume

The prickly plant is everywhere these days, so you'll be totally on-trend. Plus, it lights up!

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Please Note Paper
DIY Hamburger Halloween Costume

We're partial to the pickle beret, but you can customize this easy Halloween costume with your toppings of choice.

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