30 Thanksgiving Activities to Make the Kids' Table More Fun

These will keep 'em busy before, during, and after your feast.

thanksgiving activities kids
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Give your guests some grown-up time during your delicious Thanksgiving feast with a little help from these fun kids' table activities. From tidy crafts to low-key games, these are sure to keep the little ones entertained until the pie is served.

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thanksgiving activities kids turkey crowns
Courtesy of Printable Crush
Turkey Crowns

To ensure these crowns are sturdy and ready to make a statement, print 'em on , which kids can color and paint on, too.

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thanksgiving activities kids turkey snack bags
Courtesy of JaMonkey
Turkey Snack Bags

If your holiday tradition involves a road trip to Grandma's house, craft up a big batch of these gobble-worthy turkeys with your youngsters, so everyone can enjoy a snack together on the ride.

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thanksgiving activities kids leaf foxes
Courtesy of Glued to My Crafts Blog
Leaf Foxes

Send the kids outside to forage for the brightest leaves they can find before dinner. Not only will they burn off some energy, but they'll also find the perfect pieces to make these cute critters.

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thanksgiving activities kids turkey rings
Courtesy of I Heart Crafty Things
Turkey Rings

Let little ones choose their own array of colorful pipe cleaners, so they can fashion these adorable accessories with all of their favorite hues.

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thanksgiving activities kids turkey favors
Courtesy of Smashed Peas and Carrots
Turkey Favors

Easy enough for kids to make, you can put 'em to work crafting and stuffing these treat bags to pass out at the end of your Thanksgiving feast.

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thanksgiving activities kids log cabin houses
Courtesy of The Celebration Shoppe
Log Cabin Houses

Just like a gingerbread house, are designed to be decorated with tasty treats like pretzels, crackers, candy, and more. Feel free to use these reusable ones, or stick with classic gingerbread. No one will notice the difference once they're trimmed!

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thanksgiving activity coloring placemats
Courtesy of Mama Papa Bubba
Coloring Placemats

Prompt kids to share their gratitude and their creative side with these cute coloring placemats.

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thanksgiving activity gratitude jar
Courtesy of Doodle Bug Blog
Gratitude Jar

Have little ones—or everyone!—share what they're thankful for by placing this jar, strips of paper, and a few pens at the table. After dinner, wrap up your feast on a sweet note by having kiddos read the slips aloud while dessert is served.

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thanksgiving activity i spy game
Courtesy of Live Laugh Rowe
I Spy Game

If there's one activity that will keep 'em occupied all dinner (heck, all day!), it's this scavenger hunt game.

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thanksgiving activity pumpkin tic tac toe
Courtesy of Project Kid
Pumpkin Tic-Tac-Toe

If your table is tight on space, you can make a more compact version with small rocks and .

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thanksgiving activity word scramble
Courtesy of Landeelu
Word Scramble

Encourage everyone in the family to put that noggin to use while they nom the night away with this fun one-sheeter.

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thanksgiving coloring pages activity
Courtesy of Crazy Little Projects
Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

These Thanksgiving-themed coloring pages cost next to nothing to prepare thanks to this blogger's free set of printables. Set them out with crayons and consider your prep work done.

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thanksgiving pumpkin play dough activity
Courtesy of Smart School House
Pumpkin Play Dough

Keep your youngsters occupied with this play dough that looks and smells like pumpkin. And since it's edible, you don't have to worry about kids accidentally dropping some on their Thanksgiving plate.

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thanksgiving turkey snack bag activity
Courtesy of Eighteen25
Thanksgiving Turkey Snack Bag

Kids can make these, stuff them with snacks, and pass them out to their classmates the week of Thanksgiving, or you can work together to prep some ahead of the holiday for guests to use to carry home leftovers.

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thanksgiving finger puppets activity
Courtesy of The Alison Show
Finger Puppets

Here's a fun way to encourage kids to eat their veggies at Thanksgiving dinner: Leave out some kid-friendly scissors and tape, and allow them assemble these sweet creatures only once they've finished their meal.

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colorful pumpkin seeds thanksgiving activity
Courtesy of Fun-A-Day
Colorful Pumpkin Seeds

Every kid at the table will love this creative Thanksgiving project. Plus, it's the perfect way to use your leftover pumpkin seeds!

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felt turkey crayon holder thanksgiving activity
Courtesy of Skip to My Lou
Felt Turkey Crayon Holder

This Thanksgiving craft will be the second best turkey on the table!

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thanksgiving activity bingo game
Courtesy of Crazy Little Projects
Thanksgiving Bingo

Everyone enjoys playing a game of bingo, especially after a satisfying Thanksgiving meal.

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turkey tracks thanksgiving activity
Courtesy of Fun-A-Day
Turkey Tracks

This fun and thrifty craft will keep your kids busy until Thanksgiving dinner is served.

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thanksgiving activity turkey play dough
Courtesy of Fantastic Fun and Learning
Thanksgiving Turkey Play Dough

Set out some craft supplies and brown play dough so kids can create their own turkeys.

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thanksgiving activity chocolate covered pretzels turkey jar
Courtesy of Inside Bru Crew Life
Chocolate Covered Pretzels in a Turkey Jar

Place this Thanksgiving arrangement in the center of the table. Kids will love getting to gobble on a delicious dessert all night long.

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thanksgiving activity give thanks turkey pinecones
Courtesy of Creating Couture Parties
Give-Thanks Turkey Pinecones

Have your kids write out what they're thankful for on strips of colored paper. Each one will be attached to a pinecone turkey for an interactive centerpiece that reminds guests of Thanksgiving's true meaning.

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kraft paper table runner thanksgiving activity
Courtesy of By Dawn Nicole
Kraft Paper Table Runner

Use your creativity to give the kid's Thanksgiving table a set-up that's as entertaining as it is cute.

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pilgrim hat crayon cups thanksgiving activity
Courtesy of Lil' Luna
Pilgrim Hat Crayon Cups

Giving the little ones space to color? Go a step further to ensure crayons are displayed festively, too. These Thanksgiving pilgrim hats are made out of paper cups, and you can reuse them from year to year.

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turkey napkin rings thanksgiving activity
Courtesy of Rae Gun Ramblings
Turkey Napkin Rings

If you thought napkin holders were too sophisticated for the kids table, this adorable Thanksgiving accessory made from felt and ribbon will make you think again.

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thanksgiving thank you tree activity
Thank You Tree

Remind kids that Thanksgiving is about more than food and football with this pretty paper tree from . Guests can write down what they're grateful for on a paper leaf and tie it on a branch with ribbon. By the end of the evening, the kids' table centerpiece will be emboldened with fall colors and personal touches.

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thanksgiving turkey cake pops
Courtesy of Bakerella
Cake Pops

Turn these popular treats into an adorable gaggle of gobblers. Angie from created these Thanksgiving turkeys using snacks such as caramel-dipped candy corn (for feathers) and coated espresso beans (for faces).

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thanksgiving paper turkey
Courtesy of One Charming Party
Paper Turkey

Take turkey to a whole new place with brown paper bags—fashioned to mimic a traditional Thanksgiving bird, but filled with popcorn! This clever craft from Brittany (of ) even includes cute little drumstick frills.

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thanksgiving paper placemats
Courtesy of Say Yes
Kraft Paper Placemats

These crafty Thanksgiving placemats double as name cards—and just might inspire an impromptu art party! Don't forget the chalkboard marker.

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thanksgiving treat bags
One Charming Party
Treat Bags

This fun craft, devised by Brittany from , may look like corn on the cob—but rip open the yellow paper to reveal any manner of Thankgiving-themed goodies and other treats (think: stickers, candy necklaces, etc).

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