40+ Beautiful Easter Table Decorations and Centerpieces

These charming Easter centerpieces and springy table decor ideas are sure to get your Easter party hopping.

easter table decorations
Alison Bernier/Bless'er House/Driven By Decor

If only the Easter bunny took care of setting the table for Easter dinner or brunch, too. No matter: Stop hopping around from store to store for table decor. Thanks to these fresh floral centerpieces, Easter egg place cards, bunny napkins, and more, your hunt for beautiful Easter table settings is officially over. Celebrate the arrival of spring with our enchanting table displays and decorations.

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easter table decorations woodland themed tablescape
Brian Woodcock
Woodland-Themed Tablescape

Create this rustic and flower-filled display by styling anemones, ferns, eucalyptus, and moss-covered eggs on on a burlap runner. Wood slabs, moss piles, and monogrammed eggs also add a nice touch. You can create these personalized Easter eggs (and easy place card alternatives) by using a small paintbrush to fleck tan acrylic paint (thinned with a bit of water) on undyed farm eggs. Then use a gold paint pen to handwrite guests' initials.

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floral wreath table decorations
A​​lison Bernier​​
Floral Wreath Easter Table Decorations

You can never have too many flowers! Why not give each Easter guest a floral wreath around his or her plate, as in these table decorations styled by and photographed by ?

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terrarium easter table centerpiece
Bless'er House​
Terrarium Easter Table Centerpiece

We adore a good terrarium, especially inside a vessel as gorgeous as these apothecary jars. Easter party guests will never guess the flowers inside (as well as the moss table runner) are faux.

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bunny easter table place cards
Driven By Decor​
Chocolate Bunnies Easter Table Place Cards

Massive bunches of tulips brighten up this simple Easter tablescape, and chocolate bunny place "cards" mark each spot.

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rustic easter table decorations
Bless'er House
Rustic Easter Tablescape

Soft blue napkins and eggs add feminine flair to an otherwise rustic Easter table.

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easter table decorations
Jenny Cookies​
Easter Brunch Table with Bunny Napkin Rings

A mix of milk glass and jadeite establishes the pretty pastel palette, while flowers, wooden chargers, and burlap bunny-ear napkin rings from Target's dollar section add a natural element.

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floral table decorations
Shades of Blue Interiors​
Floral Easter Napkin Rings

Affix colorful blooms to metal shower curtain rings for an easy, cheery accent at each seat.

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easter kids table decorations
Mary Costa Photography via Twink + Sis
Easter Kids Table Decorations

Have an Easter egg hunt—right there on the kids table! designed this grassy patch dotted with flowers and eggs.

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simple easter table decorations
Simple Black and White Easter Table Decor

There's no rule that says your Easter table has to be bursting with color. We love this simple setting featuring black and white and pops of gold.

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mason jar flower arrangements spring centerpiece
David Tsay
Mason Jars

Feature colorful Mason jars in a metal milk carrier for an easy, beautiful centerpiece.

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perfume bottles spring centerpiece
David Tsay
Perfume Bottles

Lilies of the valley are exquisite and perfect for Easter. Arrange them in lovely, delicate perfume bottles for the special occasion.

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wooden toolbox floral arrangement
David Tsay
Wooden Toolbox

Don't toss out that old toolbox! Its size makes it ideal for holding a flower arrangement as a beautiful Easter centerpiece.

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tea kettle flowers
David Tsay
Retro Teakettle

Fill a vintage teakettle with geraniums and poppies for a unique and lovely spring centerpiece.

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David Tsay
Vintage Colander

For your Easter table, go for a kitchen-inspired arrangement, pulling in herbs and fruit as well as your favorite spring flowers. This colorful bouquet makes a show-stopping centerpiece.

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David Tsay
Vintage Tea Tins

Using old tea tins, make an eclectic group of bouquets to decorate your holiday table.

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David Tsay
Berry Baskets

Those cardboard berry baskets make for the most adorable single flower arrangements; use them to add small bursts of color to your table.

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David Tsay
Minnow Bucket

Settled in an antique minnow bucket and overflowing with a colorful garden mix, this bouquet is simply breathtaking.

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mason jar flower arrangements twine vase
Miki Duisterhof
Twine Vase

Upgrade your empty glass vases with twine to add a beautiful touch to your Easter table.

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Courtesy of Rooms For Rent
Layered Look

From the vintage-inspired place settings to the daisies and white candlesticks, this simple, layered look is lovely for Easter.

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Flower Runner

Scraps of floral fabric can go a long way in making your Easter table look absolutely darling.

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Photo Vase

Give your clear vases a personal touch by attaching photos of your loved ones with clothespins.

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Simple Bud Vases

We love the look of these sweet pink peonies arranged in bud vases down the length of the table.

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easter table decorations food name cards
Brian Woodcock
Food Name Cards

Make your Easter feast look even more festive with wood bark pedestals and these rustic food signs. Craft the card holders by cutting a thin sliver in a small piece of a branch. Then place atop wood round and add moss and eggs, if desired.

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Reprinted with Permission from The Flower Workshop by Ariella Chezar with Julie Michaels, Copyright 2016, Published by Ten Speed Press, An Imprint of Penguin Random House LLC, Photographs Copyright 2016, by Erin Kunkel
The Art of Floral Arranging

Ariella Chezar gives us the skinny on creating centerpieces. Check out more tips in her new book, ($19).

Shop Smart. Mix ranunculus with grocery store finds like narcissus or foraged branches you might find on a neighborhood walk. Make sure to ask the homeowner before you snip something from her yard!

Follow the Rule of Three. Grouping three similar vases with an anchor flower like the ranunculus here makes a greater impact than any single component.

Raid Your Cabinets. Anything that holds water can be used as a vessel. Think coffeepots, cans, apothecary jars, mint julep cups, glass compotes, and more.

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Courtesy of Jenny Steffens Hobick
Daffodils and Easter Eggs

Entertaining expert Jenny Steffens Hobick whipped up this charming Easter brunch table for under $23!

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Courtesy of Love Grows Wild
Carrot Centerpiece

You don't need the vision-boosting nutrients of carrots to see that this Easter centerpiece idea is utterly adorable.

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Courtesy of Bird's Party
Painted Egg Nest

Painted wooden eggs mean you can break this centerpiece out every Easter, no extra work needed!

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Courtesy of Creative Juice
Jelly Bean Centerpiece

Pastel-colored jelly beans make a vase full of roses that much sweeter.

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Courtesy of Yellow Bliss Road
Easy Easter Centerpiece

For the easiest DIY centerpiece of all time, use twine to wrap a doily around a Mason jar, and fill with tulips.

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