20 Best Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

Is your little one ready to party prehistorically?

dinosaur cupcake
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Kids of all ages love dinosaurs—it's practically a scientific fact. Whether the dinos are cute, scary, or somewhere in the middle, little ones can't get enough of them. They also really love birthday parties. So if you've got a celebration to plan, why not combine the two for an amazing dinosaur birthday party? It's a no-fail theme that'll work for both boys and girls alike and can be executed at your home or an event space any time of year. It also naturally lends itself to a lot of fun activities (like digging for dinosaur bones!) and cute decor, so that's another win.

Find tons of creative inspiration here for your child’s dinosaur-themed birthday party with ideas for everything you'll need, from DIY projects to decorations you can have delivered to your doorstep. There's an awesome dinosaur birthday cake you can make and decorate yourself, "fossil" sugar cookies that'll have everyone (especially your little T-Rex!) smiling. You'll also find the cutest Etsy invitation you can customize and print at home (because who wants to run an errand if they don't have to?), party favors and games that won't break the bank. Oh, and make sure to check out the centerpiece ideas too. Happy planning!

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Dinosaur Birthday Invitation

Prepare guests for a roaring good time with these cute custom dinosaur birthday party invitations! The best part? You can download and print them from the comfort of your own home. 

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Roar Balloon

Show off your dino-mite party decorating skills with this playful balloon banner. Each foil balloon measures 16 inches tall.

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dinosaur sheet cake
Heather Baird SprinkleBakes.com
Dinosaur Dig Triple Chocolate Sheet Cake

Busy parents, rejoice! This chocolate sheet cake is pretty much the easiest cake you'll ever decorate. The "dirt" topping is made from crushed Oreo cookies and the dinosaur bones are made using white almond bark and a food-safe mold.

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Dinosaur Paper Party Plates

These green foil dinosaur plates will bring a smile to guests' faces! (We especially love the spiked edges.) They come in a package of eight. 

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Dinosaur Party Favor Labels

No bones about it—these personalized stickers make party favors a total breeze.

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Dinosaur Ice Cream Bar

What kid doesn't love ice cream? This dino-themed DIY ice cream bar includes alllll the toppings. (Dinosaur "eggs," sprinkles, and gummies, oh my!)

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toy dinosaurs
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Dinosaur Party Favors

Party favors don't have to be complicated. Here, a simple "adopt a dinosaur" sign transforms a basket of toys into the cutest parting gift.

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dinosaur decoration
The Party Parade
Party Dino Decoration

Need a centerpiece idea? Grab a plastic dino, some paint, and a few silk flowers and whip this one up.

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dinosaur birthday party
Anders Ruff Design Co.
Dinosaur Dig Party

Excavate a party as cute as this one by Anders Ruff Design Co. A green-and-orange color palette and "Landon's Dinosaur Dig" sign set the perfect tone.

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Samantha James Photography
Dinosaur Cake Topper

Need to dress up a simple cake? Put a dino on it!

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Dinosaur Straws

These paper dinosaur straws will have party guests sipping in style. Each order comes in a pack of 12. 

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dinosaur table decor
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Dino Table Decorations

A bouquet of greenery and a sprinkling of dinosaur toys makes for a lovely table decoration. Sometimes, keeping it simple is the way to go.

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dinosaur bean bag toss game
Family Chatter
Bean Bag Toss Game

Why settle for a regular old bean bag toss when you can feed the T-rex? This game was made using a piece of scrap plywood and some paint.

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dinosaur dessert bars
Dinosaur Dessert Bars

Made with a simple cake mix base and topped with dinosaur-shaped sprinkles, these easy-to-make blondies will be a hit with partygoers of all ages. (The kiddos will especially appreciate the color!)

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Dinosaur Party Favor Bags

Made of sturdy cardstock, these cute boxes are a great alternative to single-use plastic party favor bags. They can be reused as storage containers and recycled when you're done with them. 

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dinosaur fossil cookies
Chelsea Lupkin
Fossil Cookies

These "fossils" are made using a simple sugar cookie recipe. Just stamp a foot into each ball of cookie dough using a toy dinosaur before baking.

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Dinosaur Pinata

Is a party really a party without a piñata? This awesome find is almost too cute to whack.  

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dinosaur toenails
Place Of My Taste
Dinosaur Toenails

This is a slightly gross but very clever way to turn Bugles corn chips into a party-worthy snack—and trust us, the kids will love it. This idea comes from .

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Dino Inflatable Sprinkler

How epic is this giant dinosaur sprinkler? It would be the perfect addition to a backyard summer birthday party. 

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Family Chatter
Dinosaur Dig Activity

Need an activity for your dinosaur-themed birthday party? Make salt dough "fossils" and bury them in your yard or sandbox. Then, hand the kids a paintbrush to dig 'em up!

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