7 Essential Easter Candy and Wine Pairings

Let's just say the kids won't be the only ones having fun this Easter.

easter candy wine pairings
Design: Madison Alcedo

Celebrate the arrival of spring (and the end of Lent!) with these genius Easter candy and wine pairings. Whether you're looking for a better way to enjoy your holiday dinner or brunch, or you just want to make eating your kids' Easter treats feel a tad more sophisticated, you're going to love these tasty combinations.

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Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs + Cabernet Sauvignon
easter candy wine pairings reese's peanut butter egg
Design: Jessica Mattern

$18, 2016 Matchlock Cabernet Sauvignon

A rich candy calls for a dark and flavorful wine like cabernet sauvignon. "This robust and savory cabernet is bold enough to be matched with everyone's favorite Easter indulgence—chocolate and peanut butter," Wine Director Brooke Matthias tells Ikaroo.info.

Milk Chocolate Bunny + Rosé
easter candy wine pairings chocolate bunny
Design: Jessica Mattern

$17, 2016 Ruza Rosé Cans

When shopping for Easter basket treats, you may want to buy a few extra chocolate bunnies this year, and while you're at it, pick up some rosé, too. "The bubbles in this direct press rosé pair perfectly with creamy milk chocolate," Brooke says.

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Peeps + Sparkling White
easter candy wine pairings peeps
Design: Jessica Mattern

$16, 2016 Finke's Widow Sparkling White Blend

If you're looking to save on calories this holiday, pair this low-calorie Easter basket staple with a light wine. "A sparkling wine pairs well with the mild taste and airy texture of the marshmallow," Brooke says.

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Cadbury Creme Eggs + Chardonnay
easter candy wine pairings cadbury creme egg
Design: Jessica Mattern

$13, 2016 Pacificana Chardonnay

"This round and oaky Chardonnay complements the creaminess of the egg’s interior without overwhelming it," Brooke says. You can make this combo taste even more decadent by popping your egg in the microwave for a few seconds before eating.

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Jelly Beans + Sauvignon Blanc
easter candy wine pairings jelly beans
Design: Jessica Mattern

$20, 2016 Diviner Sauvignon Blanc

After the kids hit the hay, steal a handful of jelly beans from their stash to enjoy with another special treat: sauvignon blanc. "This wine is crisp and lean, and when paired with fruit flavored jelly beans, balances the sugary sweetness of this Easter favorite," Brooke says.

Snickers Easter Eggs + Zinfandel
easter candy wine pairings snickers eggs
Design: Jessica Mattern

$13, 2016 The Independent Zinfandel

A rich red is the perfect way to wash down this nutty candy. "Sophisticated and complex, this Zinfandel is versatile enough to handle the combo of nuts, caramel, and chocolate," Brooke says.

Whoppers Robin Eggs + Gamay
easter candy wine pairings whoppers robin eggs
Design: Jessica Mattern

$13, 2016 Les Bobos Gamay

"This candy needs a wine pairing that won’t overshadow its delicate flavor," Brooke says. "A wine that is too heavy will easily overwhelm this treat, making a light bodied and easy drinking wine like Les Bobos Gamay a great choice."

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easter candy wine pairings
Design: Madison Alcedo

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