19 Hot Chocolate Recipes Perfect for Cold Winter Nights

Curl up by the fire with one of these sweet sips.

hot chocolate recipes
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When the weather outside gets frightful, there's certainly nothing more delightful than curling up with a homemade cup of hot chocolate. You and your family will be sipping on these yummy drinks all season long.

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hot chocolate recipes
Brian Woodcock
White Hot Chocolate

A dollop of our 7-Minute Frosting makes this delicious drink even more decadent.

Get the recipe.

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hot chocolate recipes sugar cookie
Half Baked Harvest
Sugar Cookie Hot Chocolate

Sweetened condensed milk is the secret ingredient for this extra creamy blend. The best treat to enjoy while sipping this beverage? Sugar cookies, of course!

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hot chocolate recipes slow cooker
The Cookie Rookie
Slow Cooker Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate

Let your do all the work whipping up this boozy concoction.

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Sally's Baking Addiction
Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate

Anything that can be made in a slow cooker and looks this good is something that should definitely be on your "winter day activities" list.

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Little Sugar Snaps
Blackberry Hot Chocolate

While blackberries might seem like an odd pairing wit hot chocolate, the rich tartness of them helps add another layer an otherwise sweet drink.

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Lemon Tree Dwelling
Snickerdoodle Hot Cocoa

We never met a snickerdoodle we didn't like.

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Sprinkle Some Sugar
Cookies and Cream Hot Chocolate

This hot chocolate variation packs a two-for-one punch so you can have your cookies and drink them, too.

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Courtesy of Heather's French Press
Red Velvet Hot Cocoa

Can't get enough red velvet? This is the hot chocolate for you.

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Courtesy of Polka Dot Made
Baileys Irish Cream Hot Chocolate

Serve this Baileys hot chocolate at your Christmas party, and everyone will be asking you for the recipe.

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Courtesy of Chocolate Moosey
Cheesecake Hot Chocolate

Calling all the cheesecake fans! This hot chocolate will the best part of your holiday season.

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Your Homebased Mom
Frozen Hot Chocolate

Frosty treats aren't just for the summer: Top this decadent drink with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles.

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Courtesy of Freut Cake
Lavender Hot Chocolate

It may sound offbeat, but after a sip of this warm drink flavored with lavender, you'll never want plain hot chocolate again.

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Courtesy of Nutmeg Nanny
Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate

The weather outside may be frightful, but this hot chocolate is delightful.

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Courtesy of Gimme Some Oven
Peppermint White Chocolate

Wake up and smell the peppermint! This white hot chocolate will give your home a deliciously sweet and minty scent on Christmas morning.

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Homemade White Hot Chocolate

Welcome to your new favorite Christmas drink, white chocolate fans.

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Hot Chocolate Float

Add your favorite ice cream to your hot chocolate for a fun, wintery take on the ice cream float.

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Slow Cooker Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

Making this sweet and rich concoction is about to become a new Christmas tradition.

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S'mores Hot Chocolate

S'mores aren't just for summer campfires—this recipe brings the warm-weather favorite to cozy new levels.

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Courtesy of Brooklyn Supper
Spicy Maple Cinnamon Hot Chocolate

The sweetness of maple and cinnamon combined with the spiciness of chili powder and cayenne will make this hot chocolate a holiday favorite.

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