21 Decorative Birdhouses That Will Bring All the Birds to the Yard

These are nicer than most human homes.

decorative birdhouses

These avian abodes are giving us some major house envy! Check out these quirky and cute birdhouses, then see more of our favorite ways to up your curb appeal and improve your backyard.

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dragon birdhouse
Dragon Weathervane Birdhouse


Game of Thrones fans will be particularly enamored with this castle fit for a queen bird.

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americana birdhouse
Americana Birdhouse


This little bird bungalow is outfitted with red, white, and blue star-shaped LED lights controlled by a timer. How festive is that?!

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barn birdhouse
Barnyard Birdhouse


Old MacDonald had a ... sparrow? Here a tweet, there a tweet, everywhere a tweet tweet, thanks to this cute barn-shaped birdhouse.

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ranger station birdhouse
Ranger Station Birdhouse


This is the perfect birdhouse companion for any log cabin.

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decorative birdhouses
Bird Farmhouse


This classic wooden birdhouse comes with its own bunting.

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decorative birdhouses
Cottage Birdhouse


With a quaint pink door, window boxes filled with red blooms, and a little chimney, this birdhouse has major curb appeal.

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church birdhouse
Star Barn Birdhouse


If you're an architecture enthusiast, you need this birdhouse inspired by the real-life Star Barn located in the heart of Pennsylvania's Amish Country.

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white house birdhouse
White House


Think politics are for the birds? Then get yourself one of these.

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decorative birdhouses
Courtesy of Southern Prettys/Etsy
Southern Victorian


Your local birds can live in style, thanks to this two-story Victorian birdhouse.

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post office birdhouse
Post Office Birdhouse


A post office for birds? Now that's something to tweet about!

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decorative birdhouses
Old Time Country Store Birdhouse


Because birds need a place to get their dry goods, too.

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decorative birdhouses
Thatch Roof Birdhouse


Let's be honest: This birdhouse is probably cuter than any real home on your block!

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biker bar birdhouse
Biker Bar Birdhouse


Hey, hummingbirds like to let loose, too!

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decorative birdhouses
Plow & Hearth
Country Cottage Birdhouse

From $40

Can't afford a quaint cottage in the English countryside? Opt for putting this abode in your yard instead.

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vintage camper birdhouse
Vintage Camper Birdhouse

From $25

Your feathered friends can shack up in this adorable travel trailer.

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yacht club birdhouse
Yacht Club Birdhouse


Sparrows and robins can live it up in this mini yacht club.

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winery birdhouse
Winery Birdhouse


Raise a glass to this adorable birdhouse.

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decorative birdhouses
Boat House


Perfect for your beach home.

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Courtesy of Clas Ohlsen
Tricked-Out Birdhouse

The British branch of Swedish home and garden specialist unveiled a handcrafted luxury birdhouse that included an open plan kitchen, a gym, a floating staircase, a lawn, and a deck complete with tables, chairs, and a dipping pool.

See of this luxury birdhouse.

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extreme birdhouses
Bird Mansion

Canadian builder John Looser builds massive bird mansions, some of which can accommodate hundreds of birds and feature fly-through tunnels and pools. The largest of his creations are over nine feet wide and eight feet tall, with one that has 103 rooms and weighs over 500 pounds. Looser sells his houses and birdhouse plans at .

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funny birdhouses
Courtesy of Jeff Canham
Humorous Houses

These cheeky birdhouses are sadly no longer for sale, but they still crack us up—they were a collaboration between painter and woodworker that were sold at the now-shuttered San Francisco boutique The Curiosity Shoppe. .

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