20 White Flowers to Brighten up Your Backyard

A flurry of white may be just what your garden needs.

white flowers
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The best thing about white flowers? They go with everything and practically light up the night once the sun goes down. On their own or paired with other hues, they're the hardest-working blooms in any garden. Read on for our favorite annual and perennial flowers, from daisies to hydrangeas.

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Wild flowers
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Lily Of The Valley

Sweetly scented but highly poisonous, this shade-loving plant produces a lush carpeting of bell-shaped blooms from spring to fall.

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Raindrops on Iceberg Rose (Rosa), USA
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Iceberg Rose

There are many types of white roses, but the iceberg is especially stunning. First introduced in 1958, it blooms almost constantly and is relatively disease- and mildew-resistant, making it an ideal beginner's rose bush.

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White Hydrangeas (Hydrangea arborescens) 'Annabelle'
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Annabelle Hydrangea

The Annabelle, pictured here, produces flowers that are much larger than other hydrangea species. Use fencing to brace the robust blooms or plant several close together (about three feet apart is ideal) so they can rely on each other for support.

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Japanese Anenome blossoms
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Japanese Anemone

There are many types of anemones, but the fall-blooming Japanese anemone, with its cheerful yellow center, is especially lovely.

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Blossoming white lilac (Syringa vulgaris), Upper Bavaria, Bavaria, Germany
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Lilacs are happiest in full sun, so avoid planting them in areas that are shaded for more than half the day.

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Sweet autumn clematis, Ranunculaceae
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Autumn Clematis

While this winding vine can tolerate shady conditions, you'll see better flowering when it's planted in full sun.

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Medicinal Plant Bellis Perennis
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One of the easiest flowers to cultivate (you can plant it in the ground directly from seed), daisies are a great option for beginner gardeners.

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Vinca minor 'Alba', periwinkle, white flowers
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Also known as periwinkle, vinca flowers are easy to please: They're drought- and heat-tolerant and grow well in conditions ranging from shade to full sun.

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Wild Carrot Wildflower
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Queen Anne's Lace

This doily-like wildflower does not tolerate freezing temperatures, so wait until after the last frost of the season to plant seeds.

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Highly Toxic White Angel's Trumpet (Datura metel) 'Alba'
Getty ImagesMaria Mosolova

This night-blooming, tropical species requires full sun and moist, well-drained soil. Also known as devil's trumpet, it's commonly mistaken for the similar species, the angel's trumpet, which features downward-facing blooms. (Datura flowers point skyward.)

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muscari botryoides 'album' (pearls of spain) white flower
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White Hyacinth

For spring-blooming hyacinths, plant bulbs in the fall, about four inches deep in groups spaced four to six inches apart.

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Rhododendrons, which are very similar to azaleas (both are in the genus Rhododendron), produce clusters of fragrant blossoms in an array of colors, from pure white to pastel pink to fiery orange.

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White Dahlias x hybrida
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White Dahlia

When growing dahlias from seed, don't water the soil until the plants are established, as overwatering can cause seedlings to rot. Once mature and blooming, deadhead dahlias often to promote continual flowering.

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Narcissus papyraceus (Paperwhite)- spring flowering bulb, close up of scented white flower
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Paperwhite bulbs bloom four to six weeks after potting. For staggered flowering, plant groups of bulbs at two to four week intervals.

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White Geraldton wax flowers
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Wax Flower

Blooming in winter through early spring, wax flower is a great addition to any cut flower garden. (They can last an impressive three weeks in fresh water.)

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Heartleaf Foamflower (Tiarella cordifolia)
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Foamflower needs to be planted in shady, moist areas, but other than that it's fairly easy to cultivate. It features bubbly white or pink flowers that can last up to six weeks.

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This deer-resistant bulb plant gets its name thanks to its small white flowers that hang down like "drops."

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Getty ImagesFlowerphotos

Like hyacinths, squill are among the easiest bulb flowers to grow. Once established, you can just kick back and admire them—they'll bloom year after year without any care at all.

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choisya ternata (mexican orange blossom), close up of flowers, may
Getty ImagesChristopher Fairweather

The shade-loving shrub boasts fragrant flowers similar to those of orange trees.

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Gentle Magnolia
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While most magnolia trees begin to bloom around the ten-year mark, trees planted in hardiness zones five through nine can take up to 20 years to flower!

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