The Real Meaning Behind the Colors of Easter

Have you ever wondered what white or purple symbolizes when it comes to this spring holiday? Here's the answer.

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If you celebrate Easter, you're familiar with the holiday's traditions, including the Easter bunny, gifting Easter baskets, going on egg hunts, and dyeing eggs.

But what you might not realize is that all the pretty pastel colors associated with those spring festivities actually have a deeper meaning when it comes to Easter, a holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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Liturgical colors, the colors found on church hangings and the vestments Catholic priests wear, change throughout the and serve to underline the different moods of the various seasons, feasts, and celebrations.

According to , the modern Roman color sequence that the Catholic church still follows today was first established in 1198 when wrote the treatise De sacro altaris mysterio (The Mystery of the Sacred Altar). In this treatise, the Pope based the colors' symbolism on interpretations of colors and flowers from the , in the Old Testament. Generally, other Christian denominations today associate similar beliefs to these .


White is a symbol of purity, used during all feasts of the Lord and during the season of Easter to symbolize the . White represents light, innocence, purity, joy, triumph, and glory.

what does white mean on easter?
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Red symbolizes the blood of Christ, and it is most used during , which falls on the 50th day after Easter and commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit. Red represents sacrifice, blood, fire, and martyrdom.

what does red mean on easter?
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As the most prominent color during the Season of Lent, especially on Good Friday, it signifies sorrow and suffering—specifically for Jesus' suffering during his 40 days in the desert. Violet represents penance, humility, and melancholy.

what does purple mean on easter?
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This is a special color that is only worn two times a year, on the third Sunday of Advent and the fourth Sunday of Lent. Pink represents joy and love.

what does pink mean on easter?
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After Easter is over, priests begin wearing green vestments. Green represents the hope of Christ's resurrection and eternal life.

what does green mean on easter?
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