30+ Mini Christmas Trees That Make the Cutest Holiday Decorations Ever

Deck the halls with tiny tannenbaums!

mini christmas trees
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Why settle for just one big tree in your living room this year? These pint-sized decorations might be tiny, but they'll bring plenty of Christmas spirit into your holiday-ready home.

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mini christmas tree flocked
Sweetened Tree Stand

A is the perfect base for this tiny tree. Add and your decorating is compete.

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mini christmas trees bottle brush
Rusty Hinge
Bottle Brush Trees

It doesn't get any easier than this: Just place all around your home and your Christmas decorating is done. This blogger even put them in her cups!

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mini christmas trees camper
Cottage at the Crossroads
Vintage Camper Christmas Tree

No surprise here: The super cute make this tree one of our absolute favorites.

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mini christmas trees colorful
Atta Girl Says
Tinsel Tree

Skip the red and green theme this year and take a page from this blogger who opted for bright pinks and blues on a .

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mini christmas trees kitchen
Golden Boys and Me
Kitchen Tree

Get in the mood for some Christmas baking by placing a tree in your kitchen. This fun idea is complete with a and a !

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mini christmas trees table
The North End Loft
Table Trees

Make your own understated centerpiece by adding candles and berries to your trees.

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mini christmas trees diy
Sugar and Cloth
DIY Confetti Trees

Your kids will have so much fun decorating this colorful craft.

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The Merry Thought
Simple Christmas Tree

All it takes is a and a to make your display oh so cozy.

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small christmas trees dining room
Multi-Colored Mini Tree

Don't just stick to red and green decorations this year—make your small tree especially merry and bright with multicolored ornaments instead.

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small christmas trees centerpiece
Craftberry Bush
Tabletop Christmas Tree

Save your Christmas tree clippings and repurpose them to make this easy DIY centerpiece.

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small christmas trees spoons
One Project Closer/The Better Half
Plastic Spoon Christmas Tree

Use in your favorite festive colors for these plastic spoon towers.

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small christmas trees chalk
At the Picket Fence
Galvanized Bucket Trees

Enlist your kids to write cute Christmas sayings on these , and then enjoy the messages all December long.

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small christmas trees burlap
It All Started With Paint
Burlap Mini Trees

It doesn't get any easier—or cuter!—than these tiny trinkets. Simply cover with and you're done!

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David Tsay
Bedroom Christmas Tree

The homeowners of this Midwest farmhouse added some festive flair to their master bedroom with a petite tree tucked into the corner. They dressed it up with a rustic container, Shiny Bright ornaments, and cute country critters.

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mini christmas tree decorating ideas refined
Annie Schlechter
Refined and Elegant

A petite Charlie Brown-esque tree adds some festive fun to the seating area in this Cape Cod home. A single plaid bow is the perfect embellishment for the simple display.

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mini christmas tree decorating ideas citrus
Annie Schlechter
Citrus Tree

The tiny tree featured in this Connecticut master bedroom displays dried citrus fruits and gingerbread ornaments, both of which make the tree smell even more fragrant.

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potato chip pail mini christmas tree
Jean Allsopp
Rethink the Tree Skirt

Featuring jolly red lettering, this former potato chip pail is the perfect vessel for a mini tree.

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mini christmas tree decorating ideas vintage pennants
David Tsay
Vintage Style

Nestled in a minnow bucket, a small tree with pennants and arrows tucked in reinforces a camp-style vibe. (Archery, anyone?)

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mini country christmas tree
Max Kim-Bee
Country Tree

This mini Christmas tree brings major country charm thanks to its burlap banner, galvanized bucket, and lantern ornaments.

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food cooking inspired mini christmas tree
Ikaroo Staff
A Cook's Christmas

Holiday time usually means more time—and more people—in the kitchen cooking and baking. A small tree introduces Christmas spirit without getting in the way. Green hobnail glass and kitchen utensils from the '40s and '50s inspired the mint green and cherry red palette of this tree. Hang utensils amid homespun touches such as popcorn garlands and crisp gingham ribbon.

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retro christmas tree
Monica Buck
Retro Tree

Perfect for a kids' room, this retro tree is as jolly as Kris Kringle himself, thanks to a vintage tree stand and old-school ornaments.

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Michaela Noelle Designs
Glitter and Gold

This mini tree shines just as bright as a large one thanks to sparkly ornaments, a gold tree skirt, and a string of lights.

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kitchen christmas tree
Golden Boys And Me
Kitchen Christmas Tree

Small trees can fit just about anywhere—including your kitchen counter! This festive display is adorned with mini kitchen accessories.

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traditional christmas tree decorations
David Land
Classic Tiny Tree

For the tree in this cozy Wisconsin cabin, a simple popcorn garland, glass ball ornaments, and a wooden crate in lieu of a tree skirt reinforce the room's-stuck-in-time vibe.

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woodsy scene christmas tree
Monica Buck
Woodland Tree

Wintry woodland frills ( and , a forest of flocked in lieu of a skirt) evoke the snow-laden trek to grandmother's house, while flickering are reminiscent of the tapers in her windows.

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West Elm
Scandinavian-Chic Tree

Sometimes less is more—especially with a small tree. Take a cue from this simple display and accessorize your tree with twinkling lights, , and a fuzzy blanket.

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Christmas Trees with Tinsel

Shimmering tinsel has a magical feel, especially on different-size trees placed side by side.

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Courtesy of Shanty 2 Chic
Rustic Charm Tree

Adorn your tiny tree with soft-hued ribbon, cream-colored ornaments, and pinecones for a delicate and charming look. Place on top of DIY tree crate for a finishing touch.

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Peace on Earth

Pure white doves flock en masse to the miniature tree's branches, proclaiming "peace on Earth." Cut your own from white card stock and hang from lengths of ribbon, or use dove-shaped gift tags for a quicker solution. In keeping with the humble theme, the tree sits inside a pale blue-painted galvanized bucket.

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blue and gold christmas tree
Keith Scott Morton
Nests and Birds

Vivid blues and bird ornaments among faux nests give this conifer top a fun, outdoorsy feel.

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