76 Beautiful New Ways to Decorate Your Christmas Tree

Don't get your tinsel in a tangle! These easy ideas will help you put together the perfect tree.

ways decorate christmas tree traditional

No matter what your holiday decorating style is, there are plenty of ways to make your Christmas tree come to life. From ribbon and lights to homemade ornaments and tree toppers, here are the best ideas ways to dress up your holiday tree.

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1 Sweet and Sugary
ways decorate christmas tree sweets

Sweeten up your Christmas decor with candy galore! , , and garnish this colorful tree.

2 Traditional Red and Green
ways decorate christmas tree traditional

The Christmas-colored garland and ornaments are perhaps the most classic ways to decorate, but the tree topper—a !—is something adorably unexpected.

3 Simply Rustic
ways decorate christmas tree lights

The , and go perfectly with the reclaimed wood throughout this country porch.

4 Mix and Match
ways decorate christmas tree dog

You can still have a beautiful display without being completely color-coordinated. Incorporate both store-bought and homemade ornaments—along with white or multi-colored lights—for a unique setup.

5 Classic Black-and-White
christmas tree decorating ideas black and white
Courtesy of Crafted Sparrow

Make a black-and-white tree feel perfect for your country chic home with warm white lights, gingham accents, rustic signage, and wooden snowflakes.

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6 Sweet Treats
christmas tree decorating ideas candy cane
Courtesy of A Thoughtful Place

This candy cane creation features the Christmas confection, gingerbread ornaments and popcorn garland for a statement that's ready to be savored.

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7 Feather Filled
christmas tree decorating ideas feathers
Courtesy of Jeweled Interiors

Here's a pro tip: Make your tree feel extra full with fluffy feathers tucked in between branches. They'll add extra texture and fill in all those empty holes.

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8 Colorful Florals
christmas tree decorating ideas flowers
Courtesy of Sugar Bee Crafts

For a set up that looks straight out of nature, adorn your tree with faux or fresh florals. Make it fun with a rainbow array, or keep it simple by sticking with two or three shades.

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9 Marquee Tree Topper
christmas tree decorating ideas marquee light
Courtesy of Hello Life

Use a rustic wood marquee light to fashion a bold and beautiful tree topper that's bright enough to appreciate from across the room.

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10 Pretty Pinks
christmas tree decorating ideas pink
Courtesy of Lia Griffith

Rich raspberry ribbon beautifully complements the gold trimmings and soft pink petals featured throughout this stunner.

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11 Elegant Red and Green
christmas tree decorating ideas red green
Courtesy of Just Destiny

While red and green can feel a tad overdone at Christmas, this beauty feels fresh thanks to the layered throughout.

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12 Winter Wonderland
christmas tree decorating ideas winter wonerland
Courtesy of A Pumpkin and a Princess

Maximalists will love this over-the-top tree featuring several layers of snow-covered decorations, sparkling poinsettias, and metallic baubles.

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13 Snowman Inspired
christmas tree decorating ideas snowman
Courtesy of Fox Hollow Cottage

Make Frosty the star of your holiday home by adorning your tree with snow-themed ornaments and a special finishing touch—a top hat tree topper.

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14 Black-and-White Buffalo Check Tree
buffalo check christmas tree decorating idea
Courtesy of Parties for Pennies

Black-and-white ribbon add instants punch to your Christmas tree. If this palette doesn't work for your decor, you can customize the look by choosing a plaid buffalo check ribbon in hues that complement your style.

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15 Vintage Santa Doll Tree
vintage santa doll christmas tree decorating idea
Courtesy of Jennifer Perkins

Hit up your local thrift store, flea market, or antique shop for vintage Santa dolls and ornaments for your Christmas tree.

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16 Coastal and Beachy Christmas Tree
coastal beach christmas tree decorating idea
Courtesy of Crafts by Courtney

Whether you're spending your holiday by the seashore or want to bring some of that beach beauty inland, your Christmas tree is the perfect place to show off your . Finish the look with and .

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17 DIY Christmas Village Tree
diy christmas village christmas tree decorating idea
Courtesy of Lolly Jane

Skip the expensive Christmas village sets and opt to make your own at home with and some bright paint.

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18 Paper Candle and Tassel Tree
paper candle tassel christmas tree decorating idea
Courtesy of The House That Lars Built

Though this Christmas tree might look simple, the handcrafted gold candles and tassels feel romantic and nostalgic, all while embodying the magic that makes the holiday season feel so special.

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19 Pom Pom Tree
pom pom christmas tree decorating idea
Courtesy of Sugar and Cloth

Get your craft on by creating your very own ornaments with help from a . These bright balls make quite the statement, so you won't need much more for your Christmas tree.

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20 Citrus Ornaments
diy citrus ornaments christmas tree decorating idea
Annie Schlechter

Blogger Nora Murphy made the Christmas tree in her Connecticut home smell even more fragrant with the addition of dried fruit and gingerbread ornaments.

21 Vintage Ribbons
farmhouse family room christmas decorations
David Tsay

The owner of this Michigan farmhouse uses her collection of 4-H Ribbons and retro ornaments to deck out her Christmas tree.

22 Upcycled Decorations
upcycled christmas tree decorations
Buff Strickland

The Junk Gypsies outfitted their tree with metallic accessories including a thrifted bass drum, which they fashioned as a Christmas tree stand, and a gold crown used as a tree topper.

23 Camp-Style Christmas
camping inspired christmas tree
David Tsay

The Christmas tree in this camp-style California cabin is peppered with pennants from National Parks and roadside attractions.

24 Classic Elements
classic plaid traditional christmas tree
Jean Allsopp

Though the tree is the centerpiece in this family room, holiday-appropriate plaid accents, like the red and green throw on the ladder and the scarf on the caribou, add timeless charm, while vintage wrapping paper ups the nostalgia factor.

25 Pink and Gold Christmas Tree
pink gold christmas tree decorating idea
Courtesy of Classy Clutter

Don't be afraid to use nontraditional colors on your tree this year. Pair pink elements and flowers with a touch of metallic gold for a classy and modern look.

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26 Simple Farmhouse Christmas Tree
farmhouse white christmas tree
Courtesy of Love Grows Wild

If your home is decorated with fresh whites and natural textures, you'll love this simple tree featuring elements from the great outdoors, such as pine cones and pieces of cotton.

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27 Rethink the Tree Skirt
potato chip pail mini christmas tree
Jean Allsopp

Featuring jolly red lettering, this former potato chip pail is the perfect vessel for a .

28 Tiny Tree
mini christmas tree decorating ideas vintage pennants
David Tsay

Use a as a container for a tiny to place on a cabinet.

29 Rustic Marquee Christmas Tree
rustic noel marquee christmas tree decorating idea
Courtesy of Craftaholics Anonymous

This tree couldn't be more festive with springs of snow-dusted pinecones, , , , and woodland creatures.

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30 Jewel Tones
jewel tones christmas tree
Monica Buck

Overflowing with good tidings, this "friends and family" tree features an assortment of holiday greeting cards (clipped to with mini ) and a spirited mix of jewel-toned ornaments from the '50s and '60s.

31 Woodsy Scene
woodsy scene christmas tree
Monica Buck

Wintry woodland frills ( and , a forest of flocked bottle-brush trees in lieu of a skirt) evoke the snow-laden trek to grandmother's house, while flickering clip-on, battery-operated candles are reminiscent of the tapers in her windows. and skis reinforce the frosty feel.

32 Retro Tree
retro christmas tree
Monica Buck

Perfect for a kids' room, this retro tree is as jolly as Kris Kringle himself, thanks to a vintage tree stand and old-school ornaments.

33 Jingle Bells
jingle bells burlap christmas tree
Monica Buck

Adorned with , webbing runs down the length of the tree. add a decorative touch, and hand-crafted from vintage sheet music hits an especially high note. Antique sleds are a practically sized sub-in for a one-horse open sleigh. Tip: Assign each family member a sled, and pile on gifts accordingly.

34 Frosted Sugar and Blue Pine Tree
blue ornament christmas tree
Courtesy of Refresh Restyle

Icy blue Christmas decor with touches of silver, gray, and gold make this Christmas tree a dazzling one.

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35 Let It Snow
snowflake christmas tree
Monica Buck

Fuzzy felt mittens lend a hand to the cold-weather theme, as do snowmen, snowflakes, and ice skates, all in a crisp blue-and-white palette. On the stairs, another sprinkling of snowflakes and a pair of vintage ice skates spruce up a simple, rambling garland. Below the tree, a glittering Christmas village atop faux sheepskin rugs makes for a cool alternative to the standard gift display.

36 Glowing Tree
gold glowing christmas tree
Lisa Hubbard

This Christmas tree shines in shades of gold, white, and blue. If you don't have a mantel, simply hang stockings from thick twine.

37 12 Days of Christmas Advent Tree
12 days of christmas advent tree
Courtesy of Tatertots and Jello

Put a spin on a traditional advent calendar by boldly displaying numbers around a tree on boxes, containers, and packages.

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38 Rainbow Christmas Tree
rainbow christmas tree
Courtesy of Lines Across

Creating this ombre tree is easier than it looks! Simply arrange your existing ornaments by color to create this rainbow effect.

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39 Farmhouse Tree
farmhouse christmas tree
Max Kim-Bee

for "campouts" turn this pinecone-covered Christmas tree into a hot spot for an at-home holiday getaway.

40 Quaint Tree Trimmings
traditional christmas tree decorations
David Land

For the tree in this cozy Wisconsin cabin, a simple popcorn garland, glass ball ornaments, and a wooden crate in lieu of a tree skirt reinforce the room's-stuck-in-time vibe.

41 Merry and White
red blue ornament christmas tree
Cederic Angeles

Papier-mâché ornaments in red and blue feature a fresh twist on traditional red and green.

42 Rustic Theme
rustic christmas tree
Courtesy of Fynes Designs

Placed in front of her aunt's vintage enamel wood stove, blogger Virginia Fynes's rustic tree is decorated with birch sticks, glittered acorns and wreaths, hoop art, and feathers.

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43 Whimsical Finds
whimsical christmas tree
Josh Gruen

Toy soldiers, painted white, along with green globes from decorate the Norwegian spruce in this Connecticut farmhouse.

44 Birds and Berries
birds red berries christmas tree
Courtesy of DIY Showoff

Just looking at this "birds and berries" tree puts a smile on our faces!

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45 Plaid and Preppy Tree
plaid preppy christmas tree
Courtesy of Craftberry Bush

Patterns of plaid and tartan cover this tree and are complemented by bright red and blue ornaments.

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46 Buffalo Check Ribbon
buffalo check ribbon christmas tree
Courtesy of A Pumpkin and a Princess

The classic country pattern gets turned into the prettiest Christmas tree decor.

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47 Vintage Camping Tree
vintage camping christmas tree
Courtesy of Lil' Blue Boo

Any avid hiker will get a kick out of this camping-themed tree, decked with marshmallows, vintage backpacks, little lanterns, and more mini camping gear.

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48 Winter Woodland
winter woodland christmas tree
Courtesy of Giggles Galore

Topped with a snowy owl, this wintry tree is covered in rustic, woodland decor.

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49 Bring the Outdoors In
rustic neutral christmas tree
Courtesy of The Charming Life

For a "bring the outdoors in" theme, use shades of brown and cream to help achieve a rustic look.

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50 Black-and-White Tree
elegant black and white christmas tree
Courtesy of Just Destiny

Black-and-white striped ribbon wraps around a Christmas tree that's adorned with flocked branches and faux marble ornaments.

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51 Royally Red
red christmas tree
Courtesy of Lia Griffith

Attach three large reindeer on tree branches to make it look as if they are running through the forest. Top with a kraft paper reindeer trophy.

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52 Rustic Reindeer Christmas Tree
rustic reindeer christmas tree
Courtesy of Giggles Galore

Use a DIY garland, flashes of red, and wood slice ornament to pull off an effortlessly rustic look.

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53 Scandinavian Style
scandinavian style christmas tree
Courtesy of Lil' Blue Boo

This Scandinavian Christmas tree is filled with dala horses, rustic ornaments, and beautiful red details.

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54 Merry and Bright
merry and bright christmas tree
Courtesy of Make It Love It

Beaded garland strands, spray-painted metal stars, and pinecone clusters cover this dazzling tree, but the main attraction is the bright, glittered letters hanging from jute string.

Get the tutorial at .

55 Succulents and Spruce
succulents spruce christmas tree
Courtesy of The DIY Showoff

Aside from the grapevine orbs and burlap poinsettias, what we love most about this tree are the potted succulents that circle the tree skirt.

Get the tutorial at .

56 Desert Theme
desert southwest christmas tree
David Hillegas

Move over, red and green! Southwestern finds—whimsical tepee ornaments, sunset-colored gift wrap—infuse this neutral living room with uniquely festive style. Iconic tree trimmings, like cactus and dream catcher baubles cheer up the room with holiday charm.

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57 Country Charm
mini country christmas tree
Max Kim-Bee

This mini Christmas tree brings major country charm thanks to its burlap banner, galvanized bucket, and lantern ornaments.

58 Natural Arrangement
pinecone christmas tree
Trevor Dixon

Fluffy ornaments that recall pheasants and feather boas, pinecones lit from within, white porcelain globes, and origami-like poinsettias: These babies do rustic in a very refined way.

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59 Cozy and Colorful
cozy christmas tree
Philip Ficks

imports the Finnish birch and felt ornaments that trim the tree in this Wisconsin home.

60 A New Use for an Old Thing
tractor christmas tree
Victoria Pearson

A tractor grill takes the place of a tree skirt in Serena Thompson's home.

61 Outdoor Decor
outdoor porch christmas tree
Max Kim-Bee

A stone fireplace keeps an elegant Christmas tree toasty on the covered patio of this Arizona home, furnished like a full-fledged living room.

62 Cozy Corner
burlap christmas tree
Bjorn Wallander

Carved-wood cookie molds and burlap ribbon decorate the living room tree in this Tennessee home.

63 Blue, Green, and Gold Tree
blue ornament christmas tree
James Merrell

For the living room's tree, the homeowners of this Connecticut home limited themselves to basic glass ornaments in a handful of shades: blue, green, and gold. The presents beneath it benefit from a similar restraint.

64 Golden Touches
gold christmas tree
James Merrell

In this Connecticut home, multiple mini-trees are placed throughout the house. This one, on the library's demilune table, jibes with the room's palette. The table is also flanked by English club chairs, 1960s sconces, and midcentury intaglios.

65 Santas, Stockings, Snowflakes
traditional santa stocking snowflakes christmas tree
Getty Images

No need to go out-of-the-ordinary for something extraordinary. Use your staple holiday ornaments like Santa, snowflakes, and stockings to create a superfestive and fun tree. Choose ornaments in the same red-and-white palette to pull it all together.

66 Blue and Gold
blue and gold christmas tree
Keith Scott Morton

Vivid robin's-egg blue ornaments lend this conifer top (often sold by tree farms and vendors) a touch of whimsy. Handmade taffeta birds alight in the branches, making their home among faux nests and glass- and foil-covered eggs. A champagne bucket makes a one-of-a-kind tree stand.

67 Moon and Stars
moon stars christmas tree
Keith Scott Morton

This tree celebrates the heavens with cookie decorations, baked with ready-made dough bought at your local grocery store. Plaid ribbon doubles as garland and packages are wrapped to match. Buy ready-made dough—it's sturdier than homemade. Knead in 2/3 cup flour until smooth to increase dough's density, making it suitable for ornaments. Roll dough. Cut shapes. Make holes for hanging. Chill and bake per manufacturer's instructions. Decorate to suit your style!

68 Letter Perfect
red green traditional christmas tree
Ikaroo Staff

A tree trimmed in traditional red and green emphatically says "Christmas" with top-to-bottom vintage letters. These letters culled from old signs, printers' type, and alphabet teaching aids punctuate this tree. Arrange them to make a statement, and spell out holiday words such as "Ho Ho Ho" and "Holly." Throw in silver starbursts, baubles, and tinsel garland for a stylish '50s aura.

69 A Cook's Christmas
food cooking inspired mini christmas tree
Ikaroo Staff

Holiday time usually means more time—and more people—in the kitchen cooking and baking. A small tree introduces Christmas spirit without getting in the way. Green hobnail glass and kitchen utensils from the '40s and '50s inspired the mint green and cherry red palette of this tree. Hang utensils amid homespun touches such as popcorn garlands and crisp gingham ribbon.

70 A Colonial Christmas
colonial christmas tree
Courtesy of Gridley + Graves

In re-creating early American holiday tradition, consider decorating with little gifts, paper chains, cookies for children, and dried quince slices. Candles add a special, warm glow, but to ensure safety at home, opt for faux candles that are lit with bulbs.

71 The New Tree Skirt
whicker basket christmas tree
William Waldron

So long, standard base-hiding apron: This kicky wicker mini provides contemporary cover with natural style.

72 Spreading the Cheer
poinsetta christmas tree
Lucas Allen

In the Beekman Boys' house, poinsettias were turned into living ornaments, in a flash, with floral water tubes.

73 Folk-Art Ornaments
folk art ornaments christmas tree
Ikaroo Staff

Frame fabric in embroidery hoops to create homespun ornaments with graphic good looks.

74 Fanciful Flight
bird christmas tree
Max Kim-Bee

This fir tree is decked out with craft-store birds and painted pinecones.

75 DIY Tag Ornaments
diy tag ornaments christmas tree
Ikaroo Staff

Make eye-catching ornaments by creating custom tags with written messages or photos.

76 Pinecone Tree
pinecone christmas tree
Ikaroo Staff

Create a pinecone tree on a cone-shaped foam base. Anchor the base in a container with a heavy object, then wire the cones onto 2" wooden floral picks. Insert picks downward into the foam, starting at the bottom with the largest cones and working to the top with the smaller ones. Conceal the foam by tucking sheet moss among the pinecones.

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