Take a Peek Inside the Rustic Dream Home Diane Keaton Designed for Herself

Diane Keaton has become an unlikely poster girl for the modern-rustic aesthetic. (Watch out, Joanna Gaines!)

The House that Pinterest Built
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For the past few decades, Academy Award-winning actress Diane Keaton has spent much of her free time off set on a series of construction sites flipping houses. Yes, the Hollywood star loves to get her hands dirty and transform crumbly structures into dreamy homes.

In an 2017 issue of , Diane Keaton offers readers a peek inside her own gorgeous 8,000 square-foot Los Angeles farmhouse, which she built from the ground up and designed over the course of three and a half years. The beautifully rustic residence is the subject of her new book, , and not surprisingly, it's full of Pinterest-worthy designs and features.

With just a quick look around, you'll see just how talented Diane is when it comes to design. The farm-style residence showcases her knack for style and structures, and brings together tons of our favorite country decor elements.

diane keaton
Jesse Stone

Inside you'll find distressed brick, chicken wire cabinetry, raw wooden beams, old chicken coops repurposed into pendant lights, shiplap-covered walls, subway tile, black french shower doors, and a plethora of antiques.

Lisa Romerein/ Rizzoli
dining room
Lisa Romerein/ Rizzoli
Lisa Romerein/ Rizzoli
Lisa Romerein/Rizzoli
Lisa Romerein/ Rizzoli
living room
Lisa Romerein/ Rizzoli

To make her "dream home" a reality, Diane used throughout the construction and design process to gather, organize, and illustrate her ideas. "I recommend it to any kind of a person who's a tear-sheet person, which is basically what I was," she told .

With her passion for Pinterest and flipping homes, we can safely say Diane Keaton is a gal after our own hearts.

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