The Best Thing You Can Do With Your Leftover Pumpkin Is Give It Your Chickens

Your trash becomes their treat.

After all of the effort you put into , chucking it on the trash heap come November 1 is kind of a let-down. That's why this adorable video caught our eye as a genius way to repurpose your gourd. It turns out chickens love pumpkin just as much as people do (no word on their feelings about PSLs though).

shared a clip from Kathi Dennis Atienza of a happy flock pecking away at a pre-scored Halloween pumpkin, quickly carving out the features with their sharp beaks.

"What do you get when you cross hungry, pumpkin-loving chickens and an owner that's too lazy to carve a messy jack-o'-lantern?" . "Answer: Happy hens, fall decor and delicious eggs. It's a WIN! WIN!"

Even if you're keen to carve, it's a smart way to dispose of your after trick-or-treating ends. Just make sure you check for any signs of mold and rot, and cut off yucky parts before putting it by the coop. also advises breaking the gourd into chunks first to help out the hens.

even say the seeds work as a natural dewormer, but . One thing is for sure: packed with Vitamin A and C. If you're worried about giving your chickens some pumpkin, always check with a veterinarian you trust for some advice!

If you're sans hens, there are plenty of other ways to recycle your pumpkin too. You can compost it as free fertilizer, or wash and roast the seeds for the birds. , farms and will accept pumpkins as an animal treat, or you can turn a gourd into another piece of seasonal decor. Just tuck a vase of flowers inside a hollowed-out rind for a .

And of course you can always chop up a fresh, uncarved pumpkin and . With season coming up, it's a very tempting offer. (Sorry, chickens!)

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