‘The Conners’ Fans Were Outraged by How the Show Killed Off Roseanne’s Character Last Night

Roseanne Barr also thinks the show went too far.

ABC's 'The Conners'
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  • Warning: This article contains spoilers for the season premiere of The Conners.
  • The Conner family deals with the aftermath of Roseanne’s death on the show’s season premiere.
  • But some fans were upset about how the show chose to kill her character off.

    , the spinoff of Roseanne created after ABC fired Roseanne Barr, premiered Tuesday night. And the show didn’t waste any time before explaining how Roseanne Conner died, and how the family is dealing with her loss.

    At the beginning of the episode, the family was regrouping after Roseanne’s funeral, believing she died of a heart attack. But then, Jackie receives a phone call with the truth: after knee surgery. The moment came after she in the revival season of Roseanne.

    Many viewers expressed frustration with the choice to have Roseanne die by an opioid overdose, and said they felt the show created a humorous situation out of an extremely serious issue. For example, when Becky finds pills in Roseanne’s closet and Dan takes them away, , “Damn, that was the only thing from Mom’s closet that I wanted.”

    As someone who has had family members and close friends die from opiate and heroin addiction I feel that the way handled this VERY serious and scary situation is disgusting, offensive and down right heartless. Absolutely horrendous.

    — Steph (@4YogaLove)

    Drug overdose is not a joke. It should not be made light of. Poor taste . No need to watch this show anymore. This show has turned to shit. .

    — Jessi (@jedoublesi)

    Drug overdose is not a joke. It should not be made light of. Poor taste . No need to watch this show anymore. This show has turned to shit. .

    — Jessi (@jedoublesi)

    For someone who knows the pain of losing a loved one to the opioid epidemic it's extremely hard to see them take something as serious as an opioid overdose and turn it into their sick way of getting back at someone for saying something they disagree with. Disgusting.

    — Connor Deegan (@ConnorD104)

    Liberals and the inane views they have truly ruined this nation. Clearly no one in this terrible show has ever lost anyone to an opiate overdose. This is classless. I hope this show fails. We should all pray for this nation and the direction it continues to fall.

    — britt faulkenberry (@brfaulkenberry)

    But not everyone agreed, with some viewers saying it was a sensitive portrayal of the opioid abuse epidemic in the United States.

    Are you even watching it? They’re NOT making light of it. They’re humanizing a problem that’s ripping families apart. I think highlighting how easily opioid addiction/dependence can be hidden, may help ppl know what signs to look for in loved ones.

    — Tiff’s Tweets (@tiffanyclay)

    People are saying Roseanne’s overdose was shade for her ambien use but I’m not sure it’s about that. I think are trying to focus on topics that are effecting American households. Opioid overdoses are one of the big ones. It’s sad and it’s tragic but it’s true.

    — Lindsey Kelly (@pfflindsyadigg)

    Roseanne dies of an opiod overdose on 'The Conners".
    Well, I must say...that is kind of befitting the times we live in.

    — Rogue Princess (@montrezniles)

    Barr herself back in September, and said she wasn’t happy about the choice. "It’s so cynical and horrible," she said. "She should have died as a hero or not at all.”

    On the night the episode aired, Barr released a statement along with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. “We regret that ABC chose to cancel Roseanne by killing off the Roseanne Conner character,” the statement read in part. “That it was done through an opioid overdose lent an unnecessary grim and morbid dimension to an otherwise happy family show.”

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