‘The Voice’ Fans Are All Convinced This Contestant Looks Like Miranda Lambert

We wonder what Blake Shelton thinks about this...

Since The Voice first premiered in 2011, there have been plenty of uncomfortable moments and embarrassing blunders. Season 16 of the reality show only just started, and fans have already seen a marriage proposal go hilariously wrong, watched a contestant blow off Adam Levine, and caught John Legend throwing major shade. Just when everyone thought things couldn't get any more cringeworthy, contestant Abby Kasch stepped onto The Voice stage for her Blind Audition.

Don't get me wrong—the 20-year-old's rendition of Gretchen Wilson's "Here for the Party" was very impressive, but that's not what caught people's attention.

I'll just go ahead and say it: the blonde-haired Nashville resident looks eerily similar to Miranda Lambert.

the voice miranda lambert

If you don't know why that's awkward, then you need to read up on her complicated relationship history. In the meantime, allow me to connect the dots: Miranda is Blake Shelton's ex-wife, and Blake is (obviously) a coach on The Voice.

Abby's likeness to the Pistol Annies singer was not lost on fans.

Tell me that these two don't look alike?

— Alisha Martin (@AlishaM45539942)

Does anyone else think that Abby on looks just like Miranda Lambert🤔

— Caitlin Saunders Turner (@mrsturner6317_)

And pretty much EVERYONE felt uncomfortable when Blake—having not yet laid eyes on the contestant—turned his chair for her.

I felt second hand awkwardness with her just walking on the stage and wanted to fast forward. Abby looks EXACTLY like Miranda Lambert lol

— Amanda (@Amanda96251542)

I'm glad Abby chose Kelly. She looks kinda like Miranda Lambert and that would've been a little awkward for Blake LoL!

— Cindy H (@MzCindy81)

Anyone else notice Abby favors Miranda Lambert? Glad she didn’t choose Blake. That would’ve been awkward when he noticed it😬

— Cheryl Lowrance (@CherylLowrance)

Some fans wondered if the coach thought Abby and Miranda looked alike.

Is it just me or did Abby look like Miranda Lambert? I wonder if Blake noticed? 🤔

— Vigorously Surly💄💋 (@elliot_bourne)

Doesn’t Abby look so much like Miranda Lambert.... wonder what Blake thought?

— bertzy (@lasmom82)

But one person seemed certain he noticed the resemblance.

"Blake didn’t even fight for Abby Cash," they tweeted. "He didn’t do his little pointy finger thing, he didn’t even ask her to be on his team. Ya think it’s because she looks exactly like Miranda!"

Blake didn’t even fight for Abby Cash. He didn’t do his little pointy finger thing, he didn’t even ask her to be on his team. Ya think it’s because she looks exactly like Miranda! I don’t know but I’m thinking maybe!

— angie neubner (@aneubner)

To be honest, I don't disagree with that evidence. Blake is known for trying to get country singers to join his team, but this time he hardly put up a fight against Kelly Clarkson. He even admitted that his rival coach is a "first-cousin to country music" after she said that she didn't have a shot against him.

In the end, any awkwardness that Blake might have felt didn't matter. Abby joined #TeamKelly and everyone seemed relieved. 🙌

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