Little Big Town Caused Controversy With Their Polarizing ACMs Performance

There were a lot of conflicting thoughts about "The Daughters."

Little Big Town made some major waves at the 2019 ACM Awards. Band members Karen Fairchild, Jimi Westbrook, Kimberly Schlapman, and Philip Sweet debuted their new single, “The Daughters,” and the performance was very polarizing.

Their latest release is a powerful ballad that comments on female empowerment. The chorus includes the following lyrics:

“Pose like a trophy on a shelf; dream for everyone but not yourself. I’ve heard of God, the Son and God, the Father, I’m still looking for a God for the daughters.”

dropped last week, and it starred Little Big Town and an array of young ballerinas. The ladies danced throughout an empty gym while Kimberly and Karen sang.

For the ACMs, the band basically replicated their music video. A group of girls performed behind the country music stars as they belted out the tune for the crowd. Karen even choked up at the end of the emotional performance.

little big town acms 2019
Little Big Town’s ACMs performance was SO powerful.
Kevin Winter

Most were blown away by “The Daughters,” calling it “so beautiful.” One commented on the importance of the song, writing, “We need voices. We need change. We need equality.”

good luck trying to find a more brutally honest and heartbreaking lyric than the main hook on the new little big town song. the stuff dropped my jaw

— Carsonhume (@Carsonhume1)

Little Big Town.... whoa.

— con (@connorbryan)

Omg little big town!! That song is so beautiful 😭

— Kristen Knutson (@LawandLilly)

Little Big Town’s “Daughters” is such an important song. Especially right now. We need voices. We need change. We need equality.

— ➳Jessica Murski➳ (@JessicaMurski)

Yep. Still haven’t made it through Little Big Town’s “The Daughters” without crying.

— Honey Bunches of Nope (@track7grrl)

Others, however, found the refrain off-putting, with some even suggesting it’s “sacrilegious” or “pandering” for its political and religious undertones.

I love Little Big Town and I loved their song, but as a Christ follower...I can’t ignore the lyrics “I’m just looking for a God for the daughters.” And I think that is so sad. There is a God for everyone both male & female and He comforts those who are crushed in spirit.

— Taylor Pitkins (@taylordunn14)

I hate to be this person, but Little Big Town's new single feels very sacreligious.. The same God is LORD of both sons and daughters.. I get what they were trying to convery but there were less sacreligous ways to convey it.

— Allison Thomas  (@AllisonThomasSC)

Horrible song by Little Big Town. God cares for everyone

— lori (@lorilyoncompany)

God is God for all of us. Little Big Town, please don’t buy into Politically correctness

— kathy d (@k16joy26)

What was the liberal pandering clock time between start and Little Big Town’s song at the

— Clayton Irving (@irving_clayton)
The Daughters

As for what “The Daughters” means to the song’s creators, it’s simple. ahead of the show, Kimberly said: “This song is about daughters and just teaching girls that… believe in yourself and you can do anything. Traditionally, women haven’t had the freedom to do everything maybe that they’ve always dreamed of—but we do.”

And as parents themselves, they find it important to share this story. “We’re just really proud of this song and what it says,” Philip said.

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