Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth Chapman Give Candid Marriage Advice in an Unseen Clip

They opened up about their relationship on "Dog's Most Wanted."

    Although Beth Chapman passed away two months ago, she'll live forever in the memories of her loved ones—and on the TV screens of her fans.

    Before Dog the Bounty Hunter's beloved wife lost her years-long battle to throat cancer in June, she filmed a number of episodes for their new show, Dog’s Most Wanted. The series follows Dog, Beth, and several of their children and friends (otherwise known as the "Dirty Dozen") as they hunt down fugitives around the country. But it will also chronicle the heartbreaking ups and downs of Beth's illness during some of her final days on the job.

    In an exclusive new clip from the show, Dog and Beth spoke candidly about their relationship and how they managed to make things work for more than two decades.

    "We try not to use the word 'divorce' in our house. The Bible says don't let the sun go down on your route," Dog explained in the video. "That means don't keep mad at it all night long."

    He admitted he might have done that "once," and Beth was quick to correct him, teasing that Dog has gone to bed angry "twice...this week."

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    The longtime couple bantered back and forth as they offered more relationship advice to fans.

    "The first two years of marriage, you say two words: 'Yes, dear,'" Beth joked. Her remark earned a lot of laughs and a sarcastic agreement from Dog, before he gave a tip of his own.

    "Don't ever tell them the whole truth and nothing but the truth," he warned. Naturally, Beth said this was "bad advice."

    As much as the couple liked to poke fun at each other, it's clear Beth and Dog had an unbreakable bond, both on the road and at home. In between chasing fugitives and crawling through attics, Dog stopped for a moment to tell his wife how much she means to him.

    "I love my job but I love you more," he said.

    Dog's Most Wanted airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EST on WGN.

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