The 20 Best Christian Movies on Netflix for a Family-Friendly Night In

Warm your heart with one of these faith-based films.

christian movies on netflix
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There are dozen of film genres out there, but perhaps one of the most overlooked is the feel-good movies with a Christian twist. These can either be stories straight out of the Bible, but it doesn’t have to be that obvious and can instead just promote an examination of faith, spirituality, and religion in general. So, to help you out for the next time you need a positive film experience, we’ve found the 20 best Christian movies on Netflix.

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Believe the Film; Power of 3

With Believe, our central character—a small-town businessman named Matthew—is faced with a huge choice: do what is best for his company or take a chance to help the community by ensuring the annual Christmas pageant happens.

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Spyglass Entertainment; Shady Acres; Pit Bull Productions
Bruce Almighty

At best, Bruce Almighty is Christian-adjacent—but it’s too good not to mention. Jim Carrey plays a man (named Bruce) who thinks he can do God’s job better and, after telling God that in person, gets to take on the all-important job for a week.

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Triple Horse Studios
The Case for Christ

After his wife (Erika Christensen) becomes a Christian, an investigative journalist and self-proclaimed atheist (Mike Vogel) sets out to disprove God’s existence in The Case for Christ. It’s based on a true story that inspired the 1998 book of the same name.

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Capitol Christian Distribution
Christian Mingle

Lacey Chabert—of Mean Girls fame—stars in Christian Mingle, a romantic comedy that shares its name with the dating website. Chabert’s character uses the service so she can find a man—a religious one—and, in the process, gets back in touch with her faith.

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Apparatus Productions; Endgame Entertainment; This American Life
Come Sunday

Starring Chiwetel Ejiofor, Oscar-nominated star of 12 Years a Slave, Come Sunday is based on renowned fundamentalist preacher Carlton Pearson who, having saved many others throughout the years, experiences a personal crisis of faith.

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Apache Films; Sábado Películas; TVE
Holy Camp!

This Spanish musical, Holy Camp!, follows rebellious teens María and Susana as they spend their summer at a Catholic camp. This movie brings back singing nuns, a beloved cinematic tradition made famous by The Sound of Music and Sister Act.

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Gundersen Entertainment; Brookwell-McNamara Entertainment; EchoLight Studios

Based on an inspiring true story, Hoovey follows the Elliott family after they learn that their teen son, a promising basketball player named Eric (aka “Hoovey”), has a brain tumor. He survives, but the faith of the entire family is put to the test in the aftermath.

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Reverence Gospel Media
I'm in Love With a Church Girl

I’m in Love With a Church Girl gives us an unlikely love story between a former drug dealer (Jeff “Ja Rule” Atkins) and a Christian girl (Adrienne Bailon)—but it's one that reminds us that everyone is capable of change.

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DreamWorks Animation
Joseph: King of Dreams

Adapting the story of Joseph—son of Rachel and Jacob—from the Book of Genesis, 2000’s Joseph: King of Dreams follows the central character who is sold into slavery by his brothers and eventually finds forgiveness for what they did to him.

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BET Networks/Viacom; The Black Entertainment Network
Let the Church Say Amen

Let the Church Say Amen, directed by Regina King, follows a single mom as she attempts to mend a relationship with her dad—a preacher who balances all the responsibilities that come with the church along with the responsibilities of family.

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P23 Entertainment; Ridgerock Entertainment Group
The Masked Saint

In The Masked Saint, a former pro wrestler gives up life in the ring to pastor a small church—but he has a secret: he is a costumed vigilante, known as The Saint, on the side. Consider us very much intrigued!

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12 Helpful Hands Productions; Daddy's Girl Pictures; Voyage Media
My Daddy Is in Heaven

This family has it all—until its patriarch dies in a tragic July 4 accident, at least. My Daddy Is in Heaven follows a matriarch questioning if she believes in God and struggles to keep her life together for the sake of their 5-year-old daughter.

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Main Dog Productions; Thrillion Dollar Movie; Escapology
Once I Was a Beehive

After she loses her dad to cancer, a young girl reluctantly decides to go off to a summer camp for Mormon girls in Once I Was a Beehive. She doesn’t share their beliefs at first, but her mind changes when getting to know the other campers.

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Tri Destined Studios; Urban Books Media
The Preacher's Son

A religious leader’s worst dreams are realized when the dirty laundry of his loved ones becomes public knowledge in The Preacher’s Son, leaving him no other option but to find a way to find a balance between faith and family.

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DreamWorks Pictures
The Prince of Egypt

Another animated classic, The Prince of Egypt tells the story of Moses from the Book of Exodus as he tries to lead the Hebrews to freedom after receiving a message from God. The central song, “When You Believe,” went on to win an Oscar.

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Silver Lining Entertainment
A Question of Faith

Three tragedies—a death, a crime, and an unexpected illness—strike three separate families who converge together to embrace their faith in the tearjerker A Question of Faith. Trust us, you’ll need some tissues handy for this one.

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Columbia Pictures; Sony Pictures Animation; The Jim Henson Company; Franklin Entertainment; Walden Media; Affirm Films
The Star

The Star—an animated retelling of the Nativity of Jesus, except from the perspective of the manger-dwelling animals—features an all-star cast led by the likes of Steven Yeun as Bo, a donkey. You can also hear A-list voices like Kelly Clarkson and Oprah Winfrey, too.

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Keb Entertainment
The Stray

In The Stray, the Davis family is going through some difficult times until, out of nowhere, a stray dog named Pluto enters their lives. By helping the family rediscover what’s really important, Pluto proves to be more of a guardian angel and less like a guard dog.

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Keep the Faith Distribution LLC
The UnMiracle

After a popular high school girl accidentally overdoses on drugs, the small town she leaves behind in her wake must pick up the pieces and move on from the tragedy. Featuring Stephen Baldwin, The UnMiracle is told through seven interwoven stories.

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GW Films; Spiral Films

Another film based on a true story, Victor is about a migrant teen from Puerto Rico who is thrown into the mean streets of Brooklyn. He comes under the influence of gang life and drugs and he must find faith to save himself and his family.

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