Everything We Know About Erin and Ben Napier's Baby, Helen

Meet Helen Napier, the littlest star of HGTV's Home Town.

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HGTV's show Home Town is getting a new star for its third season: Hosts Erin and Ben Napier's baby, Helen!

The couple welcomed their first child in January of last year, less than a week before the second season premiered. Now, the lovely little girl is one year old—and she's set to make some brief appearances in the upcoming episodes. Here's what you need to know about the littlest member of the Napier family.

Helen has quite the personality.

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Throughout the past year, Erin and Ben have both shared many sweet snapshots showing their toddler smiling, —including the one her parents' wrote, entitled .

And she's a really good sleeper.

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"I have learned that reports of 'You'll never sleep again once you have a child' were vastly over-exaggerated," Erin tells Ikaroo.info of the first year of parenting. "Since six weeks, she's slept through the night, so we've gotten plenty of good sleep."

In the beginning, the couple credited that to their responsive bassinet, the , which they invested in early on. "I know it's so expensive," Erin explained at the time. "But good, safe sleep makes good, rested parents and it was worth it to us."

"But we also have friends who have kids who are two or three years old and still don’t sleep through the night," Ben adds. "So we get it, but we got really lucky."

Helen has an enviable nursery.

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When your father is a famous woodworker, it's only fitting that you should get a gorgeous crib. Ben built Helen's beautiful bed using white oak that contained only one knot, which he plugged with a piece of heart pine salvaged during renovations on their house.

"I thought it was fitting since she's filled our hearts," Ben captioned an of the furniture. "Gives a new meaning to heart pine. This way, she will always have a piece of her first home."

Erin and Ben kept their pregnancy a secret for nearly seven months.

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By the time the couple announced they were expecting, Erin was already almost seven months along. "It felt too close and too important to share," Erin, who even managed to hide her bump while filming season two, explained in a post on her blog, , on the website.

Helen Napier arrived early.

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The couple had scheduled the delivery, as Erin revealed in another , writing that it "made everything seem very real," but their baby girl couldn't wait. She arrived the morning of Wednesday, January 3, less than three months after Erin's pregnancy announcement.

"She showed up two weeks early, but I think it's better that way because I got a great night's sleep before rushing to the hospital," Erin told . "I know as we got closer to the big day I would've been too anxious to sleep."

She's named after Erin's grandmother.

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The name was no surprise: In the post about her pregnancy, Erin revealed that they'd be having a girl, and that the name comes from her own grandmother, to whom she was very close.

Helen takes after her mom and dad.

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Though Helen has her mama's good looks (those lips!), she looks like her craftsman dad, too. Just look at that thick head of hair!

She's the couple's first child.

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But she joins a strong, supportive group of friends and family in the show's charming filming location of Laurel, Mississippi. "I can't believe Helen will get to grow up here," Erin shared in a photo of the Southern town on Instagram.

Erin has been open about her uncertainty surrounding pregnancy and motherhood, calling it her "greatest, and most hated fear." We have a feeling sweet baby Helen was worth overcoming those nerves!

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Ben has taken quite well to being a dad, which should surprise no one considering how supportive he was during Erin's pregnancy, even talking to her bump under the covers every night.

"It breaks my heart wide open to see this mountain of a man caring for the littlest and weakest so tenderly, and the way he cares for me lets me know the hands and feet of Jesus are in this house," Erin wrote of Ben's care for both of them after the birth. "In other news, can't stop crying about how much I love them."

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