Camping Checklist: The 20 Essentials You Need to Pack for Your Next Adventure

Once you've got these must-haves in your bag, you're ready to go!

camping checklist
Jessica Mattern

Ready to head to the beach or venture to your favorite national park for the ultimate camping trip? Don't leave home without making sure you have all of these camping essentials first. From practical safety gear to cozy comforts, this is the ultimate packing checklist.

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Hiking Boot
camping checklist - hiking boot
Courtesy of Amazon


This supportive and durable hiking boot is so comfortable, you won't even need to break 'em in before your next hike.

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Waterproof Backpack
camping checklist - waterproof backpack
Courtesy of Amazon


This lightweight backpack is not only waterproof, but it can also be rolled up and tucked away when not in use. Bonus: The reflective stripes make it (and whoever's carrying it) easy to find in the dark.

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Insect Repellent
camping checklist - insect repellent bug spray
Courtesy of Amazon


While there are plenty of bug sprays on the market, Permethrin is one of the few that's safe and thoroughly protects you from ticks and mosquitos. It's just as effective as DEET, but much safer for kids and stays on your clothes for up to six weeks.

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Folding Chair
camping checklist - folding chair
Courtesy of Amazon


You'll be so glad you packed this lightweight folding chair when you're roasting marshmallows by the fire at the end of a long day.

Camping Lantern
camping checklist - camping lantern
Courtesy of Amazon

$10 for 2-pack

These collapsible lanterns are easy to pack and let you control how much light they emit.

camping checklist - cooler
Courtesy of Amazon


Make sure all that wine you packed for your girls' weekend stays fresh with this easy-to-roll cooler.

Dutch Oven
camping checklist - dutch oven
Courtesy of Amazon


Whip up a big batch of cheesy enchiladas, savory cornbread, a rich s'mores cake, or one of our other favorite Dutch oven recipes in this must-have oven.

camping checklist - firestarter
Courtesy of Amazon


Because you can't head out for a weekend in the great outdoors without one!

First Aid Medical Kit
camping checklist - first aid medical kit
Courtesy of Amazon


This compact 100-piece kit has everything you need to be prepared for the worst.

Over-the-Fire Grill
camping checklist - over-the-fire grill
Courtesy of Amazon


Why tote around a bulky charcoal or gas-powered gadget when you can pack this lightweight over-the-fire grill?

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Camping Kitchen Set
camping checklist - camping kitchen set
Courtesy of Amazon


You'll find all the comforts of your home kitchen in this small kitchen kit that includes cutlery, whisks, a spatula, and a cutting board.

Camper’s Multi-Tool
camping checklist - camper multi-tool
Courtesy of Amazon


This gadget features an axe, hammer, multiple blades, screwdrivers, and more in one hand-held piece. Just think of it as the Swiss Army knife of camping!

One Log Fire
camping checklist - firewood one log fire
Courtesy of Amazon

$66 for 6-pack

If camping isn't really your thing, you'll love this neat piece of firewood, which only calls for one match and lasts for two hours.

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Rain Jacket
camping checklist - rain jacket
Courtesy of Amazon

Starting at $18

When it comes to camping and hiking, saving on space is always a , which is why this inexpensive jacket is a go-to choice. You can easily roll up this hooded quick-drying jacket after a storm passes and be on your way.

Sleeping Bag with Pillows
camping checklist - sleeping bag
Courtesy of Amazon


Waterproof, lightweight, and super cozy, this two-person piece is everything you want in a sleeping bag. Plus, it comes with built-in pillows leaving you with one less thing you have to bring.

camping checklist - sunscreen
Courtesy of Amazon

$16 for 3-pack

For those hot summer days, you'll definitely need a canister (or two or three) of sunscreen for you and your family. This SPF-50 option is water resistant, so you can sweat and swim without worrying about sunburn.

Quick Set-Up Tent
camping checklist - quick set-up tent
Courtesy of Amazon


Make setup fast and easy with this simple, best-selling tent. In just 10 minutes, this easy-to-carry piece is ready to go, giving you and your family even more time to enjoy the great outdoors.

Fast-Drying Towel
camping checklist - fast-drying towel
Courtesy of Amazon


This antibacterial, microfiber towel comes in seven different colors, which means you can avoid accidentally swapping towels at your campsite.

Water Bottle
camping checklist - water bottle
Courtesy of Amazon


With its collapsible design and built-in water filter, this is the water bottle you want by your side during your next outdoor adventure.

Waterproof Tarp
camping checklist - waterproof tarp
Courtesy of Amazon


If Mother Nature decides to wreck havoc on your trip, you'll be prepared with this versatile, waterproof tarp.

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