16 Hilarious Thanksgiving Memes That Capture the Truth About Turkey Day

These Turkey Day jokes are more fun than sitting at the kids’ table.

Mother and daughter cooking together in kitchen
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Thanksgiving is arguably the best holiday of the year (next to Christmas), for two reasons: food and family. However, as much as we enjoy overeating and spending time with our loved ones, an entire day dedicated to doing that can be a bit overwhelming at times. We've rounded up the best memes about Thanksgiving to lighten the mood when the holiday becomes stressful. So go ahead—sneak your phone under the table and share these jokes with your favorite cousin between servings of mashed potatoes.

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1 Suspicious Activity

Can't beat some classic turkey humor.

2 Dysfunctional Families

If you don't get in an argument with your aunt, is it even *really* Thanksgiving?

3 This Is Me

This is all of us.

4 How to Start a Fight

Okay, but seriously: who would do something like this?!

5 Butterball Humor

Miley Cyrus has nothing on your turkey.

6 Black Friday Shopping

Two words: elastic waistbands.

7 No Regrets

Regrets are for quitters.

8 Pass the Wine


9 Set Your Scales Back

It's even better than Daylight Saving Time.

10 The Struggle of Being a Mom


11 A Thanksgiving Toss-Up

We'd say both!

12 Our Favorite Thing

Peace, love, and tryptophan.

13 Never Forget Carl

RIP, Carl.

14 Turkey Day Regrets

SO worth it.

15 Feelings of Gratitude

There's something for everyone to be thankful for.

16 Thanksgiving Dirty Talk

Is it just us, or is it getting hot in here?

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