32 Ridiculously Cute Pet Halloween Costumes for Dogs and Cats

These costumes for cats and dogs are cute, cuddly, and practically guaranteed to earn a treat or two.

pet halloween costumes dogs and cats
Etsy/Studio DIY

Have a happy Howl-oween with these pet Halloween costumes. Coordinate your canine's or feline's look with your kids' costumes or your own matching costume—or let them steal the show solo. Whether you DIY or purchase one online, these easy dog and cat costumes for pets sizes small, medium, and large will be the best on the block.

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cotton candy dog halloween costume
Brite and Bubbly
Cotton Candy Dog Halloween Costume

This tutorial even includes instructions for making a matching Halloween costume for you and your dog. Now that's what we call a sweet idea!

Get the tutorial at .

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pumpkin latte dog halloween costume
Timothy Clary/Getty ImagesGetty Images
DIY Starbucks Latte Costume for Dogs

Pumpkin latte? More like pup-kin latte! A fairgoer at NYC's costume parade gets the credit for this clever dog costume. To re-create, use a Sharpie to turn a small trash can into a coffee cup, and insert a pumpkin-outfitted pup.

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Studio DIY
S'mores Dog Halloween Costume

All your friends and family will get a kick out of this outfit.

Get the tutorial at .

What you'll need: white dog shirt ($9, ); cardboard ($6, ); brown felt ($7, ); elastic ($4, )

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cheerleader dog costume
Cheerleader Pet Costume for Dogs


After all, your pooch is your biggest fan.

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ewok from star wars costume for dogs
Halloween Costumes
Ewok From Star Wars Pet Costume


Star Wars? More like Paw Wars! If your furry friend resembles an Ewok, play it up with a cute pet costume like this.

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princess leia cat costume
Princess Leia Cat Costume


Cats can come to a galaxy far, far, away, too! This feline is rocking her Princess Leia look--and you can match your pet in one of these Star Wars costumes for humans.

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bee dog costume
Bumblebee Dog Costume


This buzz-worthy pet costume comes in sizes to suit small, medium, and large dogs.

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poodle skirt costume for dogs
Halloween Costumes
Poodle Skirt Dog Halloween Costume


Let your pooch wink at the '50s trend in a pretty pink skirt featuring a woman's silhouette for a change.

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cowboy cat costume
Cowboy Cat Costume


Cats would be naturals in the Wild West, what with their nine lives and all.

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Courtesy of Amazon
Hot Dog Costume for Halloween


This is the most fitting—and cute—costume of them all!

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Courtesy of Amazon
UPS Pet Halloween Costume


Whether your pet loves your mail carrier, or isn't a fan, this costume is too funny!

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This Ole Mom
Tutu Pet Costume for Dog

Your pet will rock this super-cute ballerina tutu!

Get the tutorial at .

What you'll need: tulle ($6, ); elastic ($4, ), flower stickers ($8, ); ribbon ($10, )

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Courtesy of Amazon
Uncle Sam Pet Costume


The best part about this awesome get-up is you can reuse it on the Fourth of July!

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Your Designer Dog
Beanie Baby Dog Costume

This easy costume is too cute for words.

Get the tutorial at .

What you'll need: red paper ($6, ); gold paper ($7, ); red ribbon ($8, ); hole punch ($4, )

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Courtesy of Amazon
Lion Halloween Costume for Cats


Turn your sweet little kitten into a roaring king of the jungle.

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Courtesy of Amazon
Wonder Woman Halloween Costume for Dogs


This adorable costume for your pup will save the day this Halloween.

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Niqqi's Blog
Dragon Halloween Costume

This DIY costume is so cute, it's scary!

Get the tutorial at .

What you'll need: green felt ($7 per yard, ); colored felt ($5, ); fabric glue ($5, ); Velcro ($7, ); stuffing ($8, )

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Courtesy of Etsy
Pancake Pet Costume for Cats


Who doesn't love a short stack?

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Essy Jae
Butterfly Pet Costume for Dogs

Watch your pet magically turn into a butterfly—no caterpillars needed!

Get the tutorial at .

What you'll need: felt ($8, ); pipe cleaners ($4, ); pom poms ($7, ); ribbon ($13, )

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Courtesy of DIY Network
Flower Pet Dog Costume

All you need is felt, elastic, and a sewing kit to turn your pet into an adorable "flower."

Get the tutorial at .

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Courtesy of Lovely Indeed
Cupcake Dog Halloween Costume

Turn your canine into a cute cupcake this Halloween.

Get the tutorial at .

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Courtesy of Make:
Pirate Dog Costume for Halloween

Get your pet in ship-shape for Halloween with this cute pirate costume.

Get the tutorial at .

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Courtesy of Pampered Whiskers
Monster Hat Pet Costume for Cats


Your pet will make a grand entrance at any party if it dons this silly monster hat costume.

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I Found the Place
Chia Pet Pup Costume

This hilariously adorable outfit is not only surprisingly comfortable, but is also a cinch to make.

Get the tutorial at .

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Raggedy Ann Halloween Costume


Want to let your feline in on the Halloween festivities? Outfit her in this Raggedy Anne-style wig, complete with tiny blue bows.

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walking teddy bear costume
Walking Teddy Bear Costume for Dogs

All you need to make this adorably furry attire is a pair of scissors and a stuffed animal.

Get the tutorial at .

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Christmas Caroler Halloween Costume


Though the cape and jabot aren't included in this costume, your pooch will still look regal in this elegant top hat.

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DIY spider dog halloween costume
Spider Pet Halloween Costume

Turn your four-legged friend into an eight-limbed creepy crawler. This DIY spider costume is a lot easier than it looks.

Get the tutorial at .

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Solar System Costume for Cats


What can we say? This unique planetary costume is definitely the cat's meow (if you can get your cat to keep the hat on!).

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do it yourself unicorn costume
Live Colorful
Unicorn Halloween Costume for Puppies

Dress your dog in whimsical wardrobe this Halloween because there's nothing you can't make with pip cleaners, fabric, velcro, and a little thread.

Get the tutorial at .

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