The 15 Best Tips for Camping in Your Car

Skip the expensive hotel and try car camping instead.

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Heading to a beautiful beach or your favorite national park? Turn your car into cozy and convenient accommodations with these easy car camping tips, tricks, and ideas.

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haitral inflatable car bed for car camping
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Use an inflatable car bed.


If you don't own a tent (or don't want the hassle), this inexpensive piece is your best bet.

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LAPUTA Waterproof Teardrop Trailer Awning for Car Camping
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Create more room to roam with a portable car awning.


Invest in an easy-to-assemble piece like this, or simply suspend a with some rope from the back of your car.

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Char-Broil Portable 240 Liquid Propane Gas Grill
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Prepare meals with a portable stove.


This liquid propane gas grill doesn't take up much space and means you can enjoy delicious meals while you camp. You can also use a if you prefer.

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tepui ayer sky tent for car camping
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Invest in a rooftop car tent.


While this is definitely on the more expensive side, it's still cheaper than a hotel or RV.

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rightline gear 110907 suv tent for car camping
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Or use a tent designed to fit your vehicle.


This SUV tent gives you the perfect place to sleep outside your car, while still being able to easily access your trunk. And truck drivers, don't worry! There's , too.

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car camping under starry sky
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Learn how to find the best free car-camping locations.

Check out the campgrounds listed on or any , which you can park on overnight (as long as you're not blocking any vehicles).

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anker 21w dual usb solar phone charger
Courtesy of Amazon
Charge devices with a portable solar charger.


Attach this to the outside of your car to charge during the day, and then plug your devices in once you've turned your car off for the night.

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wagan el6224 12v cooler/warmer
Courtesy of Amazon
Keep food and drinks in a car cooler.


Plug this cooler into your cigarette lighter to keep drinks and food chilled all day long.

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roadie the overnighter car camping tent
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Cover windows with camping screens.


Ensure your car is cool and breezy (and avoid condensation build-up) with this simple trick. If you don't mind some bugs passing through while you sleep, simply crack your windows.

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back of packed suv with bike
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Find free parking the easy way.

Whether you're looking for a place to spend the night or simply need to pull over and rest for a bit, the will show you the best nearby spots. You might also find their helpful if you're looking for more places to sleep in your car.

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rubbermaid flip top cereal keeper
Courtesy of Amazon
DIY a trash can for your car.


Transform a cereal container into a lightweight, portable trashcan by lining it with a plastic bag.

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suv back with diy shelf
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Build a platform and transform your car into a camper.

A few simple modifications will turn your car, van, or truck into your very own mini camper.

Get the tutorial at .

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camper and car at gas station
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Save money when you fuel up.

Use the app to find the cheapest gas prices on your route.

Get the app for free at the .

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prepworks by progressive collapsible dish tub
Courtesy of Amazon
Use a collapsible sink.


Wash dishes, do some light laundry, or lather your face on-the-go with this compact and handy tub that folds down and stows away.

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iris 12 quart stack & pull boxes
Courtesy of Amazon
Organize your car with clear bins.

$27 for 6-pack

Leave the bulky suitcases at home and keep everything in clear, categorized bins, so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

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