Outdoor Fellow's Winter Candles Are Currently 60 Percent Off

It's currently 60 percent off—and who wouldn't want their home to smell like Christmas all year?

Ryan Monaghan

Hey, hi, hello—it's me, your fellow , here to alert you that , NYC-based soy candle company, is currently having a sale on its winter/holiday candles until March 15th.

The and (6oz burns for 30-40 hours, 8oz for 40-50 hours), originally $37, are currently 60 percent off—meaning each are now $14.80. It's still cold outside in most parts of the country, so consider them a reward to get through the last stretch of winter. Also, who doesn't want their home to smell like Christmas year-round?

No.22 Mulled Wine
Outdoor Fellow

Anybody who tells you that you need an excuse to purchase a new candle isn't your friend, but if you really need to justify it, Outdoor Fellow donates five percent of all proceeds to—an organization that fights to keep public lands, well, public, and prevent them from being built on. (Think: That huge open area near your house that now suddenly belongs to a grocery store.)

If these two scents aren't for you, you can still make lighting up a candle part of your , as MarieClaire.com's beauty editor does, by choosing from any of these additional cozy picks, below. More inspo on how to celebrate yourself everyday .

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