People Are Getting Tattoos Inspired by Their Grandmas’ Vintage Pyrex Patterns

Here's *one* way to score that rare Pyrex pattern...

vintage pyrex pattern tattoos
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People are taking their passion for Pyrex to a whole new level—by getting their favorite patterns and pieces permanently tattooed on their skin. We suppose that's one way to score part of that rare collection you've been searching for; some vintage patterns can cost thousands of dollars on eBay and Etsy, after all.

spotted the trend on social media, where people post pictures of their bakeware-inspired body art. We spy a pretty here, a simple there.

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While some appear to be dedicated collectors themselves, you needn't be a diehard to do it, too. The idea could also be a nice way to nod to your mom's most treasured collection, or match with a bestie who loves the bakeware just as much as you do. Even old-fashioned grandmothers would almost certainly approve.

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The red and orange makes an appearance as an armband tattoo that's just as vibrant as the original.

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Another woman went with a around her forearm.

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And this superfan committed to a before the she even owned the design.

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Here, a hen nestles in a cute teacup tattoo.

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One husband even got a stack of bowls tattooed on his arm in honor of his wife, who loves the print.

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Talk about husband of the year!

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