12 of the Best 90s-Inspired Halloween Costumes That Are All That and a Bag of Chips

These outfits are wicked, dude.

90s halloween costumes
Love and Lion/Blonde Banter

Take a chill pill! Dressed in one of these '90s-inspired Halloween costumes, you'll be the flyest person at the party. Whether you're going solo, as a couple, or with your best friend, these outfits will make everyone look totally sweet.

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90s halloween costumes school bus
Stars and Sunshine
DIY Magic School Bus Halloween Costumes

Grab your best friend or significant other and DIY these Mrs. Frizzle and school bus costumes!

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90s halloween costumes beanie baby
Love and Lion
DIY Beanie Baby Costume

Your little one will look too cute not to cuddle in this fuzzy getup.

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90s halloween costumes carmen
Mel Everyday Lifestyle
DIY Carmen Sandiego Costume

The best part about this easy ensemble? You can re-wear each item any other day of the year.

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90s halloween costumes clueless
Blonde Banter
DIY 'Clueless' Costume

As if! Channel your inner Cher with this plaid combo.

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Spice Girls Costume

Spice up your life with this sparkly stunner that pays homage to the group that's all about the girl power.

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90s halloween costumes lisa frank
Bunny Baubles
DIY Lisa Frank Costume

Every '90s girl had Lisa Frank school supplies. Now you can look just like one of the cute creatures with this DIY rainbow kitty costume.

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90s halloween costumes polly pocket
Studio DIY
DIY Polly Pocket Costume

Your favorite super small doll comes to life with this pretty and pink project. Bonus: all you need is a , , and !

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90s halloween costumes trolls
Fleece Fun
DIY Trolls Costume

This blogger gives tutorials for both a larger than life and a .

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90s halloween costumes ninja turtle
Girl Loves Glam
DIY No Sew Ninja Turtle Costume

Let your kids choose their favorite turtle (or favorite color of accessories!) and easily make them this no-sew outfit.

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Spirit Halloween Superstores
Adult Pac-Man Costume

Transform this costume into Ms. Pac-Man with , , and a !

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90s halloween costumes topanga
Hello Rigby
DIY Topanga Lawrence

Even if you didn't watch Boy Meets World, you can still dress up as the beloved Topanga with items you probably already own.

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90s halloween costumes romy michelle
Kristen Kilpatrick Photography 2017 ©
DIY Romy and Michele Costumes

If you're still quoting Romy and Michele's High School reunion, this best friend costume is totally for you.

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