20 Unique Easter Basket Stuffers for Adults

Forget Peeps! Adults will actually enjoy getting these gifts in their Easter baskets.

easter basket stuffers for adults
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Who says Easter baskets are just for kids? When shopping for Easter gifts for adults, think beyond the chocolate bunnies and Peeps. From savory-not-sweet Cheester eggs to boozy surprises, these unique Easter basket stuffers are all grown up. Plus, try our ideas for adult Easter egg hunts and Easter cocktails for spring!

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cheese easter egg
Cheester Eggs

Easter basket fillers tend to be sweet, but if you're more of a savory person, consider this Easter egg made of cheese. Yep, "Cheeseter Eggs" are a thing, thanks to the U.K. grocer Asda (owned by Walmart) and Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses. The egg-shaped package of spreadable cheese is Easter's answer to the store's successful cheese Advent calendar at Christmastime and comes with crackers and caramelized onion chutney.

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carrot bubble bars
Carrot Bubble Bars


Because what she really wants is to spend Easter Sunday relaxing in a hot bubble bath.

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gin and tonic easter egg
Treat Kitchen
Gin and Tonic Easter Egg


Here's a grown-up take on Easter candy! The white chocolate egg actually tastes like your favorite cocktail—and it's also available in .

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bunny lip gloss
Bunny Lip Gloss


Pucker up! This adorable product comes in a tube that's totally on-theme.

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floral iphone case
Floral iPhone Case


Pretty flowers and crystals punctuate this feminine phone case, which she can use well past spring.

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elvis rock n roll easter egg sandwich
Hotel Chocolat
"Rock 'n' Roll" Chocolate Easter Egg


Inspired by , this chocolate treat features peanut butter and caramel slices between white chocolate and banana eggs.

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bunny pajamas
Bunny Pajamas


She'll sleep well in these bunny pajamas—a stylish step up from the kind with ears or cottontails.

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floral bow tie
Tie Bar
Floral Bow Tie


Complete his Easter look with this springy accessory.

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easter flowers
Easter Flowers

From $55

Blooms are bound to brighten anyone's Easter Sunday. Swing by the local flower shop, or order ahead from .

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egg cream mask
Egg Cream Mask


Eggs aren't just good for hard-boiling and hunting. The extracts in these masks also have hydrating and brightening benefits.

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easter cupcake baking kit
Easter Cupcake Kit


These cupcake liners boast a lovely Liberty of London print for pretty Easter cupcake baking.

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coffee easter egg
Hotel Chocolat
Coffee Easter Egg


Whole roasted coffee beans give this chocolate egg a grown-up kick.

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spring nail polish
Spring Nail Polish


The cheery shades in Essie's Spring 2018 collection are perfect for pretty Easter nails.

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le creuset egg carton
Le Creuset
Le Creuset Egg Carton


She'll hop for joy over this stoneware egg carton which comes in any color, including the new purple shade inspired by the lavender fields of Provence.

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bunny egg cup
Bunny Egg Cup


Or how about one of these cute egg cups from Joanna Gaines's collection as a last-minute addition to her Easter table?

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beer caddy
Monogrammed Beer Caddy


Forgo Easter baskets altogether and give adults personalized wooden beer caddies filled with seasonal brews instead. Or, leave them empty and have guests search for the bottles or cans as a kind of grown-up Easter egg hunt.

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golden egg bath bomb
Golden Egg Bath Bomb


For an ultra-luxe Easter eve, indulge in this gilded bath bomb.

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chocolate champagne egg
Neiman Marcus
Chocolate Egg with Marc de Champagne Truffles


This isn't just any chocolate Easter egg. It's filled with decadent Marc de Champagne truffles.

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callie collection pinot grigio
Callie Collection


There's no better combination than chocolate and wine—so why not include them both in an adult Easter basket? We love the pretty packaging of this Pinot, but you can mix and match your own take—just visit the wine and candy aisles of your grocery store.

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carrot necklace
Delicacies Jewelry
Carrot Necklace


Surprise her this year with a little bit of sparkle among all that pastel.

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