25 Best Mother's Day Gifts From Daughters

Spoil her with some of our favorite gifts daughters can give their moms on Mother's Day.

mother day gifts from daughter
Design: Madison Alcedo

Nothing compares to a mother's love for her daughter. So this year, treat Mom to an extra special surprise with one of these sweet Mother's Day gifts from daughters. Whether your mom is a fashionista, beauty lover, or consummate hostess, our unique gift ideas for Mother's Day are sure to bring a smile to her face. Want to score extra brownie points? Try baking Mom one of these delicious Mother's Day cakes or sending her a sweet-smelling bouquet.

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got it from my mama shirt
"Got it From My Mama" Shirt


Get matching mother-daughter t-shirts designed by Lauren Conrad. Bonus: Each sale benefits St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

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picnic basket for mom
4-Person Picnic Basket


You'll win daughter of the year when you get the whole family together to break in this thoughtful gift that doubles as a fun Mother's Day activity!

Kitsch & Giggles
Ikaroo Paint-by-Number Kits

For more than 20 years, we’ve showcased stunning country scenes in our magazine, coupled with inspirational quotes. And now, you can take the tradition one step further and turn the beautiful images of the countryside into actual works of art.

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pink milk glass cake stand
Pink Cake Stand

From $50

Bake Mom a Mother's Day cake—and display it on a gorgeous stand that she gets to keep.

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breakfast in bed tray
Breakfast In Bed Tray


Or better yet, surprise her with Mother's Day brunch or breakfast in bed—served on a super-cute tray, of course!

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mother-daughter bracelets
Mark & Graham
Matching Mother-Daughter Bracelets


Like mother, like daughter. Give one and keep one of these charming matching bangles bearing the message "The best within you is the best within me."

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cocotte flower knob
Le Creuset
Mini Cocotte with Flower Knob


Moms will find any excuse to pull out these cute mini cocottes adorned with springy flowers.

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mama knows best tote
Draper James
Mama Knows Best Tote


This tote speaks the truth. Mom will appreciate its message—and the pretty Magnolia flower pattern. Plus, through Wednesday, April 25, get 25 percent off at when you use the promo code BFF.

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stonewall kitchen citrus blossom gift
Stonewall Kitchen


Pamper Mom with a gift box of sweet-smelling products made with quality ingredients and essential oils.

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Courtesy of Paper Source
To The Moon Mug


If your mom's entire world revolves around you, then she's sure to love this stellar mug.

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amazon orchid
Courtesy of Amazon
Live Double Stem Orchid


In need of a last-minute flower delivery? If you have Amazon Prime, you can ship a gorgeous flower arrangement to Mom lickety-split, thanks to .

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kai eau de parfum 
Courtesy of Anthropologie
Kai* Rose Eau De Parfum


Upgrade mom's perfume with a bottle from Its rose and white gardenia scent was inspired by the islands of Hawaii, so she'll feel like she's on a permanent vacation while wearing it.

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i love you mom book 
Courtesy of Paper Source
I Love You Mom And Here's Why


Let Mom know all the reasons why you love her by writing them in this special keepsake book.

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mom dish towels 
Courtesy of Amazon
Dish Towels

$37 for three

These dish towels are sure to bring a smug smile to Mom's face every time she uses them.

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family cookbook
Courtesy of UncommonGoods
My Family Cookbook


If mom has a million family recipes scattered across various index cards and printouts, help her get organized with this family cookbook.

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letters to mom 
Courtesy of Paper Source
Letters To Mom


Inside this keepsake box are eight letters with situation-specific prompts to help you write a heartfelt letter to Mom.

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tree to be kit 
Courtesy of UncommonGoods
Tree-to-Be Kit


Does your mom have a green thumb? Then she's sure to love planting a tulip tree with this kit that includes soil and planting seeds.

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momtail kit 
Courtesy of Paper Source
Mom-tail Kit


Help Mom kick back and relax with this sassy kit, which includes four party straws, four cocktail stirrers, a set of toe separators, a pair of headphones, and a shower cap—all housed in a cute cocktail shaker.

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mother & daughter letter book set 
Courtesy of UncommonGoods
Mother & Daughter Letter Book Set


This book includes 40 letters that mothers and daughters can exchange and treasure forever.

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kai travel set 
Courtesy of Anthropologie
Kai Travel Set


If mom loves to travel, this set from is perfect to use while on-the-go. In a travel bag, she'll get six essential products including shampoo, conditioner, linen wash, body lotion, body wash, and a miniature perfume bottle.

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succulent planter amazon
Courtesy of Amazon
Succulent Pot


Spruce up mom's space with this adorable planter that's perfect for a small succulent.

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23andme dna kit
Courtesy of 23andMe
23andMe DNA Kit

from $99

If mom is obsessed with genealogy, gift her with a DNA kit from 23andMe. Choose from the Ancestry Service, which will break down her heritage, or the Health and Ancestry Service, which will give a closer look at her genetic makeup, including genetic health risks, wellness reports, and more.

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essential oil diffuser 
Courtesy of Amazon
Essential Oil Diffuser


With this oil diffuser from the , Mom can choose from an array of essential oils that are aimed at specific issues like reducing headaches, falling asleep, and boosting energy.

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lula's garden petite garden
Courtesy of Lula's Garden
Petite Succulent Garden


Not only does this petite garden come in a planter gift box, you can customize the lid with a special message.

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produce candles
Courtesy of Amazon
Produce Candle


There's nothing better than fresh produce, and thanks to these candles, Mom's house can always smell like she just got back from the farmer's market.

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leesa hybrid pillow
Courtesy of Leesa
Leesa Hybrid Pillow


If mom struggles to get a good night's sleep, the newest pillow from will help her get a more restorative rest. This reversible pillow comes with both a quilted side and a cooling side.

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