The 20+ Best Thanksgiving Gifts for Hostesses, Teachers, and Guests

Give one of these gifts, and the recipients will be the ones giving thanks.

thanksgiving gifts hostesses teachers guests

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks, but there's no rule that says you can't give a little something extra as well. Arrive at Thanksgiving dinner with a thoughtful hostess gift, send your kid to school with a present for his or her teacher, or set the Thanksgiving table with favors for each guest. These ideas are guaranteed to be received with gratitude.

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Thanksgiving Pie Dish
Perfect for: Hostesses

Provide a pretty plate for next year's pie.

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Napkin Set
Perfect for: Hostesses

Table linens, like this stylish ink-striped set, are just the finishing touch the Thanksgiving table needs.

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Pretty Apron
Perfect for: Hostesses

Help the hostess protect her ensemble, while still looking super cute.

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World Market
Sentiment Servers
Perfect for: Hostesses

These punny utensils say everything you'll be thinking at the Thanksgiving table.

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Courtesy of Amazon
Homebody by Joanna Gaines
Perfect for: Hostesses
$26.21 (31% off)

Thank the hostess for having you over to her home with this book by the ultimate homebody herself, Joanna Gaines.

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Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc
Perfect for: Hostesses

This crisp New Zealand wine contains notes of pineapple, a symbol of welcome that's fitting for the occasion. Plus, it pairs beautifully with turkey.

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Wine Tote
Perfect for: Hostesses
$9.98 (50% off)

Better yet, slip the bottle into this cheery tote your host can re-use.

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Gift Card
Perfect for: Teachers

Gift cards are consistently the number one thing teachers actually want. After all, many educators end up spending their own money on classroom supplies. In the spirit of the season, thank them with a card you can print at home.

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Thanksgiving Bouquet
Perfect for: Teachers

Arrange a bouquets out of grocery store blooms, or order this bouquet, aptly named "Cranberry Delight." 

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Felt Letterboard
Perfect for: Teachers

Teachers can change up this board with inspiring quotes for the classroom. 

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Perfect for: Teachers

Help him or her get organized for the year ahead with this sleek planner.

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Thank You Candy Bento Box
Perfect for: Teachers

In general, stick to store-bought food gifts for teachers. He or she will feel very appreciated with this sweet treat.

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L.L. Bean
Tote Bag
Perfect for: Teachers

Teach will totes love (and get tons of use out of) this bag.

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coffee subscription box
Blue Bottle Coffee
Coffee Subscription

Perfect for: Teachers

From $8,

If your child's teacher is never without a coffee in hand, keep him or her well-stocked with beans.

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Puzzle Piece Bamboo Cutting Boards
Perfect for: Guests

Line this set of three up along the center of the dinner table for a first course of cheese and charcuterie. Then send one piece home with each family in attendance.

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Copper Mini Pan Ornament
Perfect for: Guests

Mini copper cookware would look cute as can be at every place setting (you could even use them to hold salt or single blooms). Plus, your guests can take them home to hang on the tree for the next holiday.

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Pumpkin Planters
Perfect for: Guests
$19.93 (41% off)

Succulents are even cuter in small ceramic pots shaped like pumpkins.

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Acorn Cap Candles
Perfect for: Guests

Incorporate festive miniature candles into the  and let guests take them home at the end of the night.

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Leaf Bottle Openers
Perfect for: Guests

These gold leaves can double as napkin rings during dinner and bottle openers once they're taken home.

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Perfect for: Guests

Or, give friends and family a perfect place to jot down their blessings.

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Photographer: Michael Cabelin
Holiday Jam
Perfect for: Guests

Itty bitty bottles of jam (this one's a blend of pears, tart cranberries, and sweet raspberries) serve to extend the sweetness of the season a little longer. Tie twine around each one, and add a name tag to make them place cards.

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