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10 Tiny Houses You Can Buy on Amazon

Some of 'em even come with free shipping for Prime members.

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84 Tiny Houses That Will Convince You to Downsize

Take a tour in one of these small—but mighty—homes.

"Granny Pods" Allow Grandma to Live in a Backyard
These charming cottages are essentially high-tech nursing homes for …
hamptons house tour
A Saltbox Home In the Hamptons Filled with Charm
Seasoned with coastal character, this historic home packs ample seas…
Peek Inside Danny Seo's Mountain Cabin

But it's packed with cozy charm.

Explore the tiny home movement, with these design ideas and pictures of inspiring rustic and modern small homes.
This Charming Atlanta Treehouse Is the Most Popular Airbnb Listing In the World

Swoon over the string lights and enchanting landscape.

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One Genius Idea Freed Up Tons of Space In This Tiny Home

Hint: It's the coolest alternative to a lofted bed we've ever seen.

This Tiny Maine Cottage is the Epitome of New England Charm

This modest but design-savvy beach home proves that less is more.

This Dreamy Backyard Retreat Proves Tree Houses Aren't Just for Kids

This 100-square-foot hangout only gets more charming inside.

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This is The Converted Schoolhouse That Will Finally Convince You to Embrace Bright Colors

Two designers share their formula for infusing a cozy schoolhouse with larger-than-life charm.

This Tiny House Has The Most Stunning Farmhouse Kitchen

Just wait until you see the farmhouse kitchen and pop-out porch.

A Family of 6 Lives In This 300-Square-Foot RV

By sacrificing space, they've gained a more meaningful life.

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This Swedish Farmhouse Was Built Into a Medieval Wall

And that's not even the most incredible part of its story.

This 19th Century Greenhouse is Now a Gorgeous Home

If you consider your garden your second home, then you're going to love this.

This Oklahoma Couple Ditched Their Big City Home to Build a 'Not-So-Big House'

After their son's health scare, this family of four decided to pare down and build a small town home from the ground up.